Forced to Edit

None of it! I have done none of it!

I haven’t tried to find a job today. I barely tried to file the job searches I have done. I just don’t want to do any of it.

But, aside from the death by plant voodoo, I have had a pretty good day. I got up, did some writing stuffs, then my very kind and thoughtful boyfriend made us delicious and healthy whole wheat waffles with dark chocolate chips, chia seeds and almonds (mmmmm!) before we had our company meeting.

Oh yes, did I not mention? I suppose it’s not completely accurate for me to say that I’m unemployed, but more, not working. I technically belong to a company called Think Piece Productions, which is my boyfriend’s video production company.

It just isn’t making money, and so while the potential to be employed is there, there is a pretty good chance that I will make less than what unemployment will give me. Especially since right now we’re just catching up on projects.

So we had our meeting today, and I finished one of the projects, and a moving on to another at the moment…except for now I’m slacking off. I have a really hard time focusing on editing video when there is typing to be done, blogging, writing and the like, especially when the sun is just outside my window and being all inspiring and the like!

Hmmmm….is this going to be what it’s like when I’m in school?

Think Piece Productions, while a very interesting and different direction, is not my passion. Don’t get me wrong – I love the perks of getting into shows free to film, as well as festivals, and I do enjoy editing once I’m actually doing it, but it’s not my goal in life.

I have a hard time sitting my happy ass down and working on something that I’m not passionate about.

But, here I go…

…or so I tell myself


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