Just How in the World Do You Re-Learn Math?

As I attempted to prepare myself for the math placement test, I scrambled through sites that would give me a good debriefing, trying to jog the ol’ noggin on cubing fractions while dividing them into whatever multiple of x and y.

So for those attempting to do the same, or just feel that Say! I was pretty swell when I tried my hand at math during my schooling all those years ago – here’s some good resources to help get you up to speed.

  • SparkNotes
    I hear that just before my high school prime, the catch-up cheat sheets were Cliff Notes. The lesser known one that crept up after was SparkNotes (an offspring of http://www.theSpark.com, a quizzing site that transitioned into a dating site that is now known as OKCupid). There’s a great variety of cheat-sheets on this site, but for our purposes, they have some good Math study notes as well.
  • Math.Com
    The nice thing about this, is that it will give you an explanation of the concept you’re trying to learn and then quiz you at the end of it. The Best part is that you can even generate your own worksheet to print and practice on.
  • Khan Academy
    This site has been recommended for brushing up on math not only from my friends and peers, but from the college I’ll be attending come this spring (if Financial Aid comes through). It has wonderful words when you first get to the site. “Start Learning Now. Completely Free. Forever.” Doesn’t that just make you all warm and fuzzy feeling?
    Khan Academy isn’t just limited to math, either. It has humanities, science, computer science, and so on, sections. Truly beneficial in anyone wanting to brush up on their academia, or needing some extra help in school.
  • VideoMathTutor
    This has my favorite words in the website address: Video. Math. Tutor. It’s all well and good to read how to do something, but it definitely adds a bit of personality as well as clarity to see the concept in action. The drawback to this is that it only goes to Algebra.

It’s good to be prepared for placement tests. But one thing that I learned was not to get too ahead of myself. Yes, I want to save some money, so I would like to place into a higher math so I don’t have to take as many classes. However, had I placed into any  higher math through luck or just happening to study the right section and retain it long enough for the placement test, I would have been well out of my league, and probably wouldn’t do well in the class itself.

So while it’s important to do do your best, in a placement test, comfort level is probably better to aim for.



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