Hot Coco Kinda Day

I was meant to be at work in half an hour – you know, my under-the-table, cash-in-hand, fill-in job. However, the heavens opened last night, and it began to snow.

snow 05(The Above Image is actually the field across from us having flooded. It’s not frozen, there’s ducks and the like playing in it, but you’re seeing our snowy yard plus flood)

Where I live, we are at sea level – we might even be below sea level! We are low. So if it’s snowing here, it’s snowing everywhere.

The pity of it is that if the coffee house were still open – the gardens would look fantastic, and would be enough to draw a crowd from anywhere. However, that is not the case, best not to dwell on it.

I was told that there was the likelihood that it would carry on this way until 4am tomorrow.

Think Piece, however, does in fact have an event scheduled at the Japanese Gardens today, you know, the place that I’m supposed to be working in half an hour. We’re still deciding if it should happen. It’s just a double movie feature, a Save The Princess sort of day, showing Shrek and The Princess Bride. Honestly, I feel that it is the perfect day to gather in a group and watch a couple movies while drinking a nice delicious warm drink made by yours truly.
snow 03

But we live in Washington State, and on the west side of the mountains. We don’t know how to handle snow, we aren’t gutsy enough to attempt it either. The event might have to be called off. No princess saving today.

snow 02

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