Are You Damaging Your Memory?

5 surprising Ways You May Be Damaging Your Memory might only focus on grandparents, but they are good words of wisdom for anyone, and help us avoid those bad habits as well as get into the good ones before it’s too late and you can’t even remember worrying about your memory.

My grandmother, who is now in a home for residents with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, has always been saying over the last ten years that she’s not worried about herself physically, but rather her brain, that her brain was going. She’s always been fairly active, taking her dog for walks three times a day, going to the beach on top of it every day during the summer (it’s kind of a hike), and so on.

However, she never used to say this before a certain point. She was into her 80’s by the time she started this lament. But before that, and for the however many decades prior, shew as practicing yoga. She usually stopped during the summer since all the grandchildren and family came to visit during this time, and life was busy, but during the winters she practiced yoga. She stopped when she got this sickness that caused her to be dizzy, and she couldn’t handle the embarrassment of falling over in class. When it passed, she never got back into it.

I repeat, she was practicing this until she was in her 80’s.

I think there is a pretty clear message in this:

Oxygen to the Brain Makes You a Responsible Brain Owner


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