Writer Who Introduction

purple writer

I give vague descriptions about parts of me, who I am, where I come from and the like, but do I disclose too much as to what makes me call myself – or rather, crave to call myself – a writer? How I got to this point?

I have the lines memorized, the swift explanation of how the pen started as a crayon and worked its way up in the evolutionary world of literary tools in the DreadedScribe world, but does that proved anything other than a display of (self-proclaimed) wittiness?

Wednesdays with be Writer Who Days. Each Wednesday shall write something the builds my background, helps you to understand who I am, and by using similar techniques perhaps can understand how you came to be where you are as well.

Eventually, I will run out of me-talk, I could never do it for very long, and I will begin to pick other influential writers, and do similar things with them. Either way, Wednesdays will be days for understanding the literary folk in this world in hopes to inspire, and know that every writer comes from a different background.


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