The Pell Grant Abides

I’m feeling deflated. The long awaited email arrived, the one that tells me how much the school is going to grant me for financial aid. First of all, I am ecstatic that it arrived so soon. I applied a week after the deadline and was told it would most likely get sorted a week after classes started, that I would have to pay for it myself. 

However, it arrived, and they did indeed decide to grant me some funds. $798 worth. It’s nice. It’s slightly over what my tax return was this year, slightly more than a month’s worth of rent, and a great deal more than what I have in the bank currently. It’s not a bad amount. 

Though the way the costs of classes breaks down:

  • $112 for the first ten credits ($1120)
  • $53 for credits 11-18 ($424)
  • $94 for each additional credit after. 

Financial Aid will not going into effect if I am not going to school full time. This mean I have to take at least 15 credits, which means about $1,385…just in tuition, never mind the cost of books. This means that thankfully, I have the Pell Grant, which is granting me $798, but still leaving me with $587+ to come up on my unemployed own. 

So I began looking into last minute scholarships. Everything about this quarter is last minute. Last minute decision to go to school, last minute applying to get in, last minute application for Financial Aid – and now last minute scholarship application. The one I am most likely to get has a deadline of the 1st, so in about 36 hours, if I’m being generous. In the next 24 hours I have to scrounge up two letters of recommendations as well as my high school very painful transcript. Based off my GPA when I was in high school, there’s a pretty good chance I won’t get this. 

There’s some good news out of this. When my friends have kids that are being snot-nosed teenagers and pulling the same crap that I did when I was there age, I can look at them, level with them, gain their respect because I milked the system when I was in high school, and then let them know how god damned frustrating it is trying to get funding for college when your GPA looks like the Golden Ratio (though of course, they won’t have the slightest idea what I mean by that).

This is frustrating, and I feel deflated.

Well, I felt deflated, but now my coffee is kicking in, and I’m feeling pretty optimistic. I know that this is the right path for me, there will be a way for me to do this.

After all, it’s not worth doing unless there’s a challenge.


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