Found it! Found My Freak-Out about School Funding

It’s official, I’m starting to freak out.

How the hell am I doing to pay for school? Just how in the world am I supposed to do it???

My financial aid is only covering 7 credit, and I need another 8 to be full time.

I got a credit card in the mail – one that’s right up my alley. They plant 10 trees for each person that signs up before May 20th, and for every purchased used it donates however much to non-profit organizations like Planned Parenthood and a few others. All I had to do was sign up, and I could have the remainder of those credits momentarily taken care of.

My boyfriend talked me out of it. I already owe money on two credit cards for going to Wales twice this year. That’s right, 6.5K miles, twice in 7 months (family stuff). It’s the sensible thing to do, to not have to get even more in debt.

But how the hell am I supposed to pay for school?? I found that scholarship yesterday, you know, the one that has a submission due date of tomorrow, which – should I be granted it – wouldn’t be applicable for this quarter any way. I don’t have my letters of recommendations and I couldn’t get through to any one at my old high school to get my transcripts.

How the hell do people do this??

I always hear about my friends going back to school, with absolutely no idea in the world they pay for it.

And this is just Community College! What about when I get into Western? And have to pay actual money? What then? Do I start selling my boyfriend on the street corner? Do I start cooking meth? How the hell do people pay for education?!

I’m freaking out. All the zen and assurance I have been channeling over the last three weeks has just gone walkies, and now I am starting to vibrate, and my b\eyes are melting out of my skull, and my dreads are strewn all over the house from me tearing them out. I’ve already created trenches throughout the house from pacing (we are now fully equipped for war), and I am just about out of booze!

No seriously, I’m asking, how do I do this? How do I pay for school?

I have this sinking doomed feeling that if I can’t get in this quarter, or for summer quarter, that I just might not do it at all. It makes me sick to consider it an option. In writing that, I realize that it isn’t even slightly an option. I have to do it. No two ways about it.

Just need to figure out the how….and stop tearing out my hair. I’ll be moving on to my boyfriend’s beard once my hair is gone.


11 thoughts on “Found it! Found My Freak-Out about School Funding

  1. Does your government have a deferred payment for uni? Here you can pay upfront or defer it – once you are working full time and earning over $36 thousand it comes out of your pay as 5% of your earnings same as your tax. If not do the universities themselves offer student loans? I’d check with the banks if I were u – I know you don’t want to get into debt but most banks have a set-up for tertiary student loans with payment deferred until completion or engaging in full time employment.


    • That’s the problem though, I am the exact opposite of full-time employed. I’m unemployed entirely.
      I’ve heard of the set up that you’ve got, a friend of mine was telling me about it. I think Oregon does it (Is that where you are?). I don’t think Washington does it, but it’s something to look into today, most certainly.


      • No I’m in Australia – Queensland actually. What I meant about the banks is most have a deferred payment loan for students. They lend the funds for study and when you complete your degree etc and find work then you start repaying the loan. It might be worth a look. Hope you find some assistance. Jen


      • Yeah, I heard Oregon State just passed something like that, but I think that’s the only state around here that has, unfortunately. But I’ll certainly look into it!
        And sorry for the assumption, bad assumption panda on my part! 🙂


      • No worries – I don’t get why your federal government doesn’t have some sort of funding for tertiary education – how the hell do ordinary people manager to go to uni. Very poor planning on their part – silly shortsighted government.


      • It’s the separation of classes – the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. It’s also a means of keeping the intelligence level down. I’m sure in some conspiracy theorist sort of way it goes hand in hand with fluoride in the water 🙂


      • Oh I get it they subscribe to the Trickle Down Effect in economics – otherwise known as pissing on the poor. Well considering that hasn’t worked in the past 100 or so years they really should have figured out that it won’t work now or in the future. Idiots 🙂


  2. For undergrad, I took out some student loans. The payments for students loans are generally pretty low, and filing out a FAFSA is easy enough. Grad school is a little bit different (if it’s something you’re interested in). Try to look for a school that offers some kind of GTA work (like teaching or something). Generally, they’ll waive your tuition AND give you a paycheck. Plus, you don’t have to pay back any of your student loans until after you finish your masters. Just some ideas 🙂


    • Those are great ideas. Thanks!
      I’ve got my FAFSA filled out for the 2013/2014 year, and I’m still waiting to hear back from the college on the 2014/2015 year.
      There’s a financial adviser at the college that I’m going to see on Monday, and hopefully he’ll be able to help me out with some options as well.
      I will be at the community college while I sort out my AA and get my GPA up, and then transferring to a University for my BA, then on to my MA. We’ll see what kind of work opportunities are around for me on campus.
      Thanks for your suggestions!


      • I work in the Financial Aid Office at your school. On February 25 we e-mailed every student from whom we had received a 2014-2015 FAFSA. If you haven’t submitted one already do so immediately! Our priority deadline is March 15. If you have, please e-mail us so we can troubleshoot why we haven’t received it.


      • Thanks! I’ve applied, I just haven’t gotten the rest of the info requested. I’ll be going up to Bellingham tomorrow for another appointment so I’ll be sure to get that info in 🙂 this entry was mostly me getting all my jitters out. I’ve met with advisors since who have soothed my freaking out since. Thank you though!


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