Goodbye Oregon

I slept top bunk in the van, trying to understand how the ladies sleeping in the bed below were so warm when I was so cold. It wasn’t until day light hours that I realize vent almost just over my head had been open all night. Silly me for forgetting the up!
An hour later it began raining, as the Pacific Northwest is known for. Our camp site was peaceful, waking up to the birds and sounds of nature. The only vehicles that could be heard were muffled by the trees.
Something I will never tire of are trees, especially these ones. I had never realized how much I love the color green lining the sky until I returned from living in Wales, where all the bright green bills are speckled with white dots – prairie maggots, as my boyfriend’s father so lovingly describes them, or sheep, to the rest of us.
There is such a distinct difference between the lush fields of the UK and towering evergreens of the bills that crash down into the sea in the Pacific Northwest. I love them both, but watching the trees sway in the wind doesn’t compare to the still, grassy craig.
The rain continued our entire journey to California, with surprise wind-bursts during the high places of the highway. The waves, emerald in color, crashed against the scattered rocks along the coast, promoting that Poseidon’s power still reins.





Yes: The only correct word

I said yes to the offer. I kept trying to find a reason to turn the offer down, some reason that perhaps agreeing would be the irresponsible decision.
The offer: free ride, free board, going to San Francisco.
Really, the only question that mattered – would I regret saying no?
As I mentioned in my previous entry, we were getting ready for an event, and mixed with the adrenaline of my fast decision making and the need to get my head in the game, I was certain my decision was not the right one.
As the hours went on, and knowing that she had said she would be fetching me at such an early hour, I contemplated texting her, letting my friend know that I couldn’t go after all, thatch couldn’t justify it. After all, I was to be starting my new job the morning after we were due to return, and while I could be thrifty with my spending, San Francisco food could still be pricy.
The night wasn’t the greatest, personally, due to some completely unrelated circumstances that aren’t worth elaborating on, and the doubt of my adventure-to-be sank in.
It was 2:30 in the morning, and I held my phone, twirling it, starting the text message, delete, text, delete, never sending a single one.

Of course I would regret not going! Sure I like to have things more planned, but the travel adventure is what I look for in life, even if it’s a destination previously explored! How could I consider declining?!
There is a caged monkey in me, that longs to climb the highest trees, swim the rivers of the jungle, try new fruits, but at the end of the day, enjoys learning what there is to be learned in the lab. I have to let my monkey out to play. If I don’t, it’s only a short step before I fall off the learning ladder, and may not get back up again.


Oh the places you’ll go

Today’s plan was yard work, as always, it seems, these days. My mother had already grumbled at the weather forecast for threatening to rain for the majority of spring break, and I had anticipated working through it outside.
This was not how my day went.

Last night was a Think Piece event which I was helping my boyfriend with. It was the first nerd fancy party he was throwing (aside from Galaxy Far Away Fest). It was an hour before the event when a friend of mine texted me to let me know she was going to San Francisco, leaving in the morning, and that she missed me.
I am known for my long distant love of San Francisco, which I became aquatinted with through my two sisters that live there. It’s fairly often that I express my want to relocate to the city.
One thing lead to another, and at 6am the next morning my friend was picking me up from my house, and we were on our way on the spur of the moment, week long adventure, two states and a 14 hour drive away.
I am so giddy to be here! It’s a full camper van, which we’re staying in the first night, but onto a condo for the rest of our stay. My friend, her two kids, and a spunky teenage lady accompanying us, and I, have so far made it a little past the half way mark of Oregon, and are camped out in the midst of sand dunes, lined with a river that is filling the quiet of the night.

With all the dread I have been trying to ignore with being tied down to one place with school starting next week (and I still need my books!), a spur of the moment adventure is just what I need to set my head right, and the fact that I will hopefully be able to spend time with my family in California is the best part of it.

Never say no to an adventure. You never know how much you need it until you pull out of your driveway.





Inspirational Weekend – Re-Writing the Known

Writing prompt of the day:

Take a comic – anything, it could be Garfield, Batman, Cyanide and Happiness, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, etc – and re-write the premiss of it, or re-write the background of one of the characters.

If you blog it, share the link to your post below!

Inspirational Weekends – Fiction in Science

My writing prompt for today is to look at a recent scientific discover, and write a scene that is impacted by this discovery. If there’s nothing in the news that’s jumping out at you, make something up! I heard the next dominant species is going to be the squid – what evidence has lead to this conclusion?