Mary Kay of Wines – Have You Heard of Traveling Vineyards?

While doing my weekly job search, I came across this, and it just kind of tickled me a little bit.
As mentioned before, I love wine, I’d e down to sell it. But of course, looking at it and hearing it, I know it’s exactly like tupperware parties and Mary Kay things, which I know are all traps and pyramid schemes.
But it was an interesting idea to entertain, if nothing else. And it sounded like a pretty sweet set-up, as they all do. So I did some homework, and found this Rip-Off report that summed it all up, though there are some good points made, otherwise.

The first point, well, the main complaint of the Rip-Off Report was that it was just that, a rip-off. However, there were a couple responses that pointed out that of course there are costs in it, that it is a business, but had the events per kit been planned and gone through, then those costs would have been more than covered.

Another Blogger, from BlogSpot, WildWallaWallaWineWoman (She’s got a ring to her name!), weighs the pros and cons, and over all decides that as a retail opportunity, it’s not a bad one. It’s an opportunity for people to go to their friends’ houses, taste wine, and if the host is really good, have some snacks along with it, while getting the chance to learn a thing or two about wine, and buy some good stuff as well.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little up in the air about it. There’s a lot of potential fun in this, I just don’t have $174 to throw down on an investment, that may or may not have a promised return rate. But then again, there are a couple of options of locations I do have in mind…



Help at least one person a day.

Pure, Simple, but very heavy advice. it’s a good thing to work on each day. I decided to do one good thing a month, and I ran out of good things to do, or what would classify as a good enough deed. I started out well, going to a coffee shop and throwing down $10 for the next customer, the next day I went and picked up litter, the next day I donated to a non-profit organization. But after a while either I didn’t have the money, the time, or the imagination to do something I deemed worthy.
Does making my boyfriend dinner count as a good deed? How about feeding the outside cat that came with the house? What about when i was working and would give a person an extra shot of espresso?
Or does it have to be something that will make an impact on some one or some thing? Does it have to be big enough that it makes an impact on me? What if I’m simply about to throw some left overs out because I don’t want to carry them, but I hand them to a homeless person instead? It fulfilled my want of not having to carry anything, but it fed some one in the process.
If the deed is satisfying myself then is it a good deed?

Any way, I like A cup of T’s idea of just trying to help a person a day.



This has been a very interesting day for me. I had insights on myself, who i am, what drives me, what makes my life worthy. My advice is one I practice every day. Try to  help at least one person a day. It’ll come back when you need it most. Share and talk to a lot of people. Sharing is caring.

Thank you, Tom, Kenneth, Eric, Sheila, Heidi, Luka, Annick.

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Juggling Blog, Think Piece and Boyfriend

It’s getting tricky. It’s silly that it is, because it all is so simple, if I were left to my own devices.

It’s saturday morning, I am in my PJs, armed with a glass of water to combat the charlie-horse I’m experiencing, and ready to tackle my blogging tasks for the day.

It is for the following reasons that I prefer to get up far earlier. Less distractions.

Boyfriend comes in and begins talking to me about events that Think Piece has planned. I get frustrated because they’re overlapping our anniversary. It’s blogging time, not Think Piece time.

He then tries another approach, talking about searching for jobs and WorkSource. I show him what I’ve been doing, tell him where I’m looking, and so on. He turns it back to Think Piece.

It’s not Think Piece time, it’s Blogging time.

….silence for a couple minutes. A text message distracts him….He begins asking me about the videos I worked on last night.

It’s not Think Piece time! It’s Blogging Time!

I know I sound mean, and cruel, and it would appear that he’s just wanting to spend the morning with me. But the conversation has happened over and over – I am the height of my productivity in the morning, I write better in the morning, I accomplish more in the morning. We have both agreed that I don’t do Think Piece related things until noon. That was his suggestion that I agreed to.

In the mornings, I need to be able to do my own thing, be left to my own devices. Once again, this is why getting up at six in the morning suits me quite well. He doesn’t get up until nine, so I have three full hours to do what I need to do, uninterrupted.

Either way, the end result was he stormed off into the office.

When I get distracted, I have a very hard time getting on track. And juggling these three things is only going to get more complicated as time goes on as well.

Besides, I’m trying to kick my caffeine addiction – it ain’t pretty.

Inspirational Weekend – What Distracts You From your To-Do’s

Today, and yesterday – well, really, all week – I’ve been meaning to be editing, doing something for this video production company I’m involved in.

I can’ do it, when I have the focus. Right now, I don’t have it. I know that this will be me two months down the line, having papers I need to write that I don’t want to write, having to get together with groups and do projects (I don’t work well with other kids, never have…And I don’t want to have to buy a bunch of college kids beer either). I need to learn to not get distracted.

If you must know, this, right here, is distracting to me. I’m constantly wanting to write and network and be fully involved in this thingo. Then my cat walks in the room, being all like “meow, I’m a cat, with these whiskers, that are just stupidly cute. I know you want to push me over, but you can’t, because I’m going to roll over on my back and be playful.” Stupid cat takes all the fun out of pushing him over (he likes it, I’m only mildly being mean. He purrs when I do it).

And then oh look! My fingers spasmed and alt-tabbed me back to the internet. What? I’m on Facebook now? How did that happen? I meant to alt-tab back to the video I’m working on. Well since I’m here…

You know, life would be so much easier, and my boyfriend might get off my back a bit more if I didn’t allow myself to get so distracted so easily. But then again, I can hear  him down stairs in his office, on his computer, taking snack breaks and watching Hulu, so at least I’m not the only one with distraction issues. At least my distractions are productive (to me).

What do you find distracts you the most?