Help at least one person a day.

Pure, Simple, but very heavy advice. it’s a good thing to work on each day. I decided to do one good thing a month, and I ran out of good things to do, or what would classify as a good enough deed. I started out well, going to a coffee shop and throwing down $10 for the next customer, the next day I went and picked up litter, the next day I donated to a non-profit organization. But after a while either I didn’t have the money, the time, or the imagination to do something I deemed worthy.
Does making my boyfriend dinner count as a good deed? How about feeding the outside cat that came with the house? What about when i was working and would give a person an extra shot of espresso?
Or does it have to be something that will make an impact on some one or some thing? Does it have to be big enough that it makes an impact on me? What if I’m simply about to throw some left overs out because I don’t want to carry them, but I hand them to a homeless person instead? It fulfilled my want of not having to carry anything, but it fed some one in the process.
If the deed is satisfying myself then is it a good deed?

Any way, I like A cup of T’s idea of just trying to help a person a day.



This has been a very interesting day for me. I had insights on myself, who i am, what drives me, what makes my life worthy. My advice is one I practice every day. Try to  help at least one person a day. It’ll come back when you need it most. Share and talk to a lot of people. Sharing is caring.

Thank you, Tom, Kenneth, Eric, Sheila, Heidi, Luka, Annick.

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2 thoughts on “Help at least one person a day.

    • I suppose I’m more questioning the motive – if I’m doing it because it pleases me, then it it truly a good deed? If I’m doing it because some one needs help, and me enjoying it is a side effect, are they two different things?
      By the way – you deserve a smile 🙂 Just because!


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