Inspirational Weekend – What Distracts You From your To-Do’s

Today, and yesterday – well, really, all week – I’ve been meaning to be editing, doing something for this video production company I’m involved in.

I can’ do it, when I have the focus. Right now, I don’t have it. I know that this will be me two months down the line, having papers I need to write that I don’t want to write, having to get together with groups and do projects (I don’t work well with other kids, never have…And I don’t want to have to buy a bunch of college kids beer either). I need to learn to not get distracted.

If you must know, this, right here, is distracting to me. I’m constantly wanting to write and network and be fully involved in this thingo. Then my cat walks in the room, being all like “meow, I’m a cat, with these whiskers, that are just stupidly cute. I know you want to push me over, but you can’t, because I’m going to roll over on my back and be playful.” Stupid cat takes all the fun out of pushing him over (he likes it, I’m only mildly being mean. He purrs when I do it).

And then oh look! My fingers spasmed and alt-tabbed me back to the internet. What? I’m on Facebook now? How did that happen? I meant to alt-tab back to the video I’m working on. Well since I’m here…

You know, life would be so much easier, and my boyfriend might get off my back a bit more if I didn’t allow myself to get so distracted so easily. But then again, I can hear  him down stairs in his office, on his computer, taking snack breaks and watching Hulu, so at least I’m not the only one with distraction issues. At least my distractions are productive (to me).

What do you find distracts you the most?


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