Juggling Blog, Think Piece and Boyfriend

It’s getting tricky. It’s silly that it is, because it all is so simple, if I were left to my own devices.

It’s saturday morning, I am in my PJs, armed with a glass of water to combat the charlie-horse I’m experiencing, and ready to tackle my blogging tasks for the day.

It is for the following reasons that I prefer to get up far earlier. Less distractions.

Boyfriend comes in and begins talking to me about events that Think Piece has planned. I get frustrated because they’re overlapping our anniversary. It’s blogging time, not Think Piece time.

He then tries another approach, talking about searching for jobs and WorkSource. I show him what I’ve been doing, tell him where I’m looking, and so on. He turns it back to Think Piece.

It’s not Think Piece time, it’s Blogging time.

….silence for a couple minutes. A text message distracts him….He begins asking me about the videos I worked on last night.

It’s not Think Piece time! It’s Blogging Time!

I know I sound mean, and cruel, and it would appear that he’s just wanting to spend the morning with me. But the conversation has happened over and over – I am the height of my productivity in the morning, I write better in the morning, I accomplish more in the morning. We have both agreed that I don’t do Think Piece related things until noon. That was his suggestion that I agreed to.

In the mornings, I need to be able to do my own thing, be left to my own devices. Once again, this is why getting up at six in the morning suits me quite well. He doesn’t get up until nine, so I have three full hours to do what I need to do, uninterrupted.

Either way, the end result was he stormed off into the office.

When I get distracted, I have a very hard time getting on track. And juggling these three things is only going to get more complicated as time goes on as well.

Besides, I’m trying to kick my caffeine addiction – it ain’t pretty.


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