Mary Kay of Wines – Have You Heard of Traveling Vineyards?

While doing my weekly job search, I came across this, and it just kind of tickled me a little bit.
As mentioned before, I love wine, I’d e down to sell it. But of course, looking at it and hearing it, I know it’s exactly like tupperware parties and Mary Kay things, which I know are all traps and pyramid schemes.
But it was an interesting idea to entertain, if nothing else. And it sounded like a pretty sweet set-up, as they all do. So I did some homework, and found this Rip-Off report that summed it all up, though there are some good points made, otherwise.

The first point, well, the main complaint of the Rip-Off Report was that it was just that, a rip-off. However, there were a couple responses that pointed out that of course there are costs in it, that it is a business, but had the events per kit been planned and gone through, then those costs would have been more than covered.

Another Blogger, from BlogSpot, WildWallaWallaWineWoman (She’s got a ring to her name!), weighs the pros and cons, and over all decides that as a retail opportunity, it’s not a bad one. It’s an opportunity for people to go to their friends’ houses, taste wine, and if the host is really good, have some snacks along with it, while getting the chance to learn a thing or two about wine, and buy some good stuff as well.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little up in the air about it. There’s a lot of potential fun in this, I just don’t have $174 to throw down on an investment, that may or may not have a promised return rate. But then again, there are a couple of options of locations I do have in mind…




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