Why I don’t Throw Events

Today is a perfect example as to why I don’t throw events. I’m not even the one doing the event throwing – I’m just the on-staff barista.

Think Piece, i.e. My boyfriend, had an arrangement with the place we got laid off from to throw events. Since these events were already scheduled, they have been allowing us to throw them under the Think Piece name, instead of their’s. They are t even charging us rental fee for the venue.

We’ve already had one, the last couple had to be cancelled due to snow. Tonight is a double feature showing of Cheech and Chong. It’s a 21+ event, not because there will be alcohol, but because we will be allowing vaporizing, since recreational cannabis is legal here in Washington, and it’s private property.

All the arrangement for this is on my boyfriend. I told him from the get-go that I’m no good at this sort of thing, and it’s not my project. He agreed and acknowledged.

However, this morning was an entirely different story. It wasn’t long after we got up that he sat down in front of me, and gave me the sigh. The very sigh that signifies that there is no room for argument, this is a genuine call for seriousness.

“…[insert puppy dog eyes]…I really need help today. I’m collapsing, I can’t do today. I really need your help if I am going to have any chance getting through this day.”

I had no choice but to listen, and as a good girlfriend, do my girlfriendly duty to take the day seriously, instead of with the attitude of “igh, the day will happen and then we’ll go to bed.”

First Obsticle

No movies.

Kind of an important part of showing the movies is actually having movies.

He was under the impression his mom had them, but she is swearing up and down that we have them. We don’t. Off we went, traipsing all over the county in search of these two movies.

The good news – we were good to the entertainment business and bought them instead of downloading them.

The bad news – we had to go to Walmart (I’ve got dreads, I consider there to be few that trump this place in it’s level of evil). However, as – what I would consider – luck would have it, Walmart didn’t have what we were after either.

However, as an almost plead of forgiveness from the Universe, we rushed to the co-op to get some lunch.

Please hippie deities! Forgive us for our almost-slave-production-support! One organic tofu sandwich, please, with extra local produce lacing it! Nom!

Obstacle #2 and #3

The next obstacle we faced was no projection screen. We had a borrowed projector, but nothing for it to project to! We tried to contact our former boss, who was the donator of the projector, to see if he could help us out, but we ended up never hearing back from him. The subject was forgotten (at least by me) until we arrived at the venue, however it was masked by another problem waiting for us.

Our last event was the art night. We have a featured artist, keep their work up for the month, and then put the next artist’s work up. That being said, upon arrival, all his paintings were off the walls and in his van.

Unaware of the problem as I got the coffee area ready, my boyfriend came and stood in front of me, emphatically drooping his shoulders and putting on his wet-cat face (you know, the face cats make when you give them a bath).

“What’s wrong?”

“He took down all his art!” A lip pooched out and a drastic sign escaped.

I had nothing to say to that one. I hate to say it’s not my department, but it’s true. I had no idea what had gone on between the artist and my boyfriend, the agreement made or anything of the like. There wasn’t a whole lot I could do.

I returned my focus to the coffee area, and before long, I could see the solution to the no screen problem that would not have been possible had the artist not gone about his art-like business. He was projecting onto the now blank wall in the back.

Not long after, the artist began bringing his paintings back in, and putting them up again.

Crisis averted.

With all issues dealt with and put away, my boyfriend was feeling a bit more optimistic, and asked for his hot chocolate. Six o’ Clock came and there was nothing to it but to wait for our audience.

We waited.

and waited.

and waited.

at 8:30 we decided that it wasn’t worth waiting any longer. It was snowing in Bellingham, which was probably hindering the event. And also, no advertising other than Facebook.


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