Inspirational Weekends – Where Would Your One Super Power Take You?

If you could have one super power, what would it be – but most importantly, how would you use it? Where would it take you?

My super power would be able to master any skill that I needed – but of course there would have to be a catch. I would have to truly need this skill.

The definition of “Need” would be more like tools that would help to achieve my Will (I’ll give you the rant of what I mean by Will some day, but not today. Today is not that day), as well as any other necessities for survival. For example, if I am lost in the woods, I’d be able to learn and figure out quite quickly how to trap and/or forage/identify edible plants. Skills necessary to my survival.

If it is my Will to write, then I would be able to master the skill of focusperspective and spelling – all things that are not currently my friends, and don’t play well with me during our general encounters.

I suppose that to answer the second part of my prompt would just be redundant. If I have skills that need mastering so that I can achieve what I need, by my definition of the term, then they would be mastered! And my needs met.

However, would this truly enhance my life? Would this make things better? After all, if I didn’t take the patience, focus and dedication needed to obtain focus, patience, and dedication, then would I truly appreciate what I had learned? Most likely not, and thus it would be a wasted effort.

The experience in life I want so that I can strengthen my writing are gained through learning. If I am not going through the stresses, trials, and games of learning certain skills, then I would be lacking that personal element to my writing. Then my super power would be moot. The skill I would need would be to rid myself of the super power. Then would I just not be able to get the super power in the first place?


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