A Sigh of Relief

The night wasn’t so bad, really. It kind of was not the most fun that no one showed up for the Mario Kart Tournament, but that’s ok. We had a couple coffees sell, and a couple friends stopped by, but not particularly for the event (So I guess it’s not fair to say that no one came). 

I posted my Tool tickets up on Craigslist for sale, and plastered it all over Facebook, trying to get at least some compensation for the $200 I’d spent on them. There were no bites. I went to cancel the hotel room we had booked. The was a 100% cancellation fee. 

I began freaking out. I don’t have an extra $70 to be throwing away! It’s one thing when it was booked with the intent of being split 4 ways, but just to swallow the whole of it myself??

My boyfriend was in the event area, playing games with his friends, and I began to get pissy. Why was he not as stressed out about this as I was? How was he not rising to my level?

I was about to scream, when I realized it was my tummy doing it for me. I ate some food before resuming the search. I am like a small child when I get hungry. I can’t control myself. There are tears for no reason whatsoever!

Then, the bright beacon began to blaze – a friend piped up, said her boyfriend would pay for the ticket so that she could go with us! Out of all the people that could have possibly snatched up that ticket, I was thrilled it was her. 

Thank the Universe for small blessings. Fun will be had, and money less wasted!


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