On The Verge of Complete Devastation

When things go wrong, one thing after the other, it can get you down. When it happens three days in a row? Well, it’s pretty harsh!

Last night, as mentioned in an earlier post, didn’t go so well for our first double feature showing night. No one showed up. That could be down to a couple of things. We only advertised via Facebook, it was snowing in Bellingham, it was a Sunday night.

Tonight is no different. We’ve had a couple people wander in a buy coffee, which is good for me, since that’s my portion, but other than that, no one is wanting to participate in the event. What event you might ask? Well, we’re having a Wii MarioKart tournament. Fun, right? I have to admit, I’ve really enjoyed playing it on projected on the wall. There’s a pretty sweet novelty to it.

But alas, no one has arrived.

Hmm…I’ll bet you’re counting two things that have gone wrong in as many days…and I said something about the number three, didn’t I?

Glad you asked!

Tomorrow, we have tickets to go see Tool! My absolute favorite band, the last time I saw them was on their 10,000 Days tour in Manchester, UK (and I saw them a couple months prior on the same tour but in Seattle). That was eight years ago, and they don’t tour that often. But tomorrow they’re playing in Spokane, in Eastern Washington, and we paid $50 to go see them. We bought four tickets total, the other two have been designated – well, now that’s a bit up in the air.

We were planning on riding with my brother, and another friend of ours was coming with. I learned yesterday that my brother’s car is not working, and he lives an hour away from us, half way up Mt. Baker, so he had no way of getting down to meet us. We had a back-up plan, which was our friend who holds the other ticket. However, we found out today that his car isn’t working either.


We asked another friend of ours who is known for his party van. We were stoked when he agreed to take my brother’s ticket. He got his ducks in a row..and then fell and hurt himself. And now he can’t go.

But wait – there’s more!

The passes – all of them – have been closed until a couple hours ago, and they are all saying that we have to have chains on our tires to use them. So even if we managed to ditch our remaining friend and just drive in the truck (which is only a two-seater, three if we really want to get cozy for the 5.5 HOUR DRIVE), we don’t have chains for our tires, nor the funds to get them. Never mind that the truck is a gas-guzzler, and would probably cost the price of all of our tickets just to get there and back in gas.

So we need to find a person with a vehicle with chains, that doesn’t work or have school tomorrow or Wednesday, that has $50 for the ticket, and can throw down on the hotel room as well….by 14 hours from now.

The icing on the cake – it’s flooding again. That means that our gravity-action plumbing is chilling, taking a break from flushing the toilet.




….maybe complete devastation was a little exaggerated…Just more of a diva station.


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