Financial Aid Rescue?

I went and met with my advisor at the college this morning, and feel so much better about things than when I arrived.

He began showing me the process that I needed to go through to pick my classes. No where near as easy as I thought it would be, nothing like what it was when I was in Running Start and I was allowed to pick and choose my times and format my schedule. They have a new program called Agilegrad, where I enter in my degree, and it lists all the classes I need to take and puts them in some kind of order for me over the next few quarters. For example, I need to take English 101, 201, and so on, so it has me put in those classes for Spring and Fall quarter, electives and easier classes being recommended for the Summer quarter, since it’s so condensed.

My next step is to enter in all of these classes and then go back and see him as soon as possible, and we’ll create a Training Program that I can turn in to unemployment so that they aren’t so on my ass about work….or something like that. Still trying to figure it out.

I asked about my Financial Aid, finding out how it was going to work out, telling him that I only got enough for about 7 credits. He said it wasn’t a problem. Since the 2013/2014 FAFSA was using my 2012 tax return, I just had to go in there and petition for special circumstances, letting them know that my current situation does not reflect my 2012 tax return and that I am currently unemployed. With this petition, they will more than likely pay for my whole quarter. Hurrah!

So my next step is to fill out their paperwork to get my stuff paid for, go through and try and figure out my classes and register on Thursday!


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