Scott H. Young’s Free E-book On Holistic Learning

Well, I can’t compete with this guy, mainly because we have different angles on Holistic Learning. However, it’s not to be worried about, as his E-Book is a great and informative read – Holistic Learning: How to Study Better, Understand More and Actually “Get” What You Want To Learn Within the opening pages, he explains the difference between Holistic Learning and Rote Memorization:

Holistic Learning is basically the opposite of Rote Memorization. Instead of trying to pound the information into your brain and hoping it will simply fall out when you need it, holistic learning is the process of weaving the knowledge you are learning into everything you already understand.”

Check it out – and it’s Free! Free is one of the best words in the human language! Unless you’re talking about free scabies, no one wants free scabies. But no one wants to pay for them either.


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