Writer Who Part II: How I came To Be

purple writer

Back when I was in the single-digits, when I was even in the first half of the single-digit times, I wanted to be an artist. I loved my crayon, marker, pencils, paintbrush – whatever could make marks – in my hand and creating away. I suppose that was most kids though. I soon after the most lucrative way of being an artist was to create comics.

I suppose that was my first form of story-telling. I had one that was very much of the Tom and Jerry sort of theme, though it was two fish outsmarting a hungry shark. I remember drawing it, I remember making tons of them, but where they went, or how they came to be, or even when they came to be is lost in history. Then of course there was bunny, that was a bit too-cool-for-school and kind of a perv now that I look back on it (there were pics of his eyes bugging out in a vary cartoony fashion at some curvy, cleavage-laden lady (maybe I was the one that was a perv….at the age of nine)), who was filled with one-liners.

Around that time, perhaps a year or so before, I wrote my first complete story. It was about some barn owls that went traveling. I remember asking the teacher how to spell aeon, and she didn’t know (One-up for 8-year-old me!). We illustrated them, we typed them out, we printed them, created covers and bound them. I was so proud of it!

As school went along, my focus was historical fiction. I had a couple short stories about aliens that didn’t go anywhere, one that got deleted that I was really proud of, and a couple fantasy ones that pretty much followed similar plots of other books I had read. But I truly enjoyed writing stories about events that took place in history, during World War II, during the Salem Witch Trials, during the 1918 influenza outbreak.

Suddenly, I found myself in the world of high school relationships, and romances stole my attention. Not just romances, but the tragedies that even Shakespeare would be proud of (since any of those high school relationships that ended, were “tragic”). I found something in it that I really enjoyed, something about exploring the depths of emotions that I was only beginning to explore within myself.

It was then that I realized that in order to write anything of any true substance, I would have to experience, experience, EXPERIENCE! My ideas of going to college straight out of school went out the window. How could I experience new things and adventures to write about if I was sat in classes the majority of my first adult years?

I wrote romances in a fantasy setting, relinquishing that there were no laws of logic that needed to follow with fantasy. How does the traits of that element take shape as a being? It’s magic, which exists in this universe, duh!

That was were my focus has remained since, as far as my creative writing goes.

Journalism has often been suggested to me as a career path, something to aim for in my studies. However, in some classes I had been told that journalism and article-writing follows a specific format, which I absolutely refused to do. There was no way that society, or the self-proclaimed writing deities of Earth were going to tell me how to create with my own creativity! It’s like telling some one the strict rules of being free.

Having said that, in more recent years, in an effort get my writing out into the world, I discovered Hubpages. Not entirely certain what to do with it, I threw out a few poems, pros and short pieces, with little to no luck. I finally figured out that the majority of the users on that sight were writing articles. I began to write about things that I was interested in – herbs and nutrition.

They were terrible articles.

But over time, I learned the ways of formatting, learned why things were suggested to be written a certain way, and began to write more quality, informative, and entertaining articles. They became pieces I could be proud of. For the first time since I can remember, I began to consider journalism.

I’m still not sold on the idea, hence I’m going to school for English, not journalism. But gaining that extra bit of experience, I learned something, and it improved my writing, and broadened my ability.

Getting laid off from work and deciding to go to school, that is what I am hoping for. The extra experience to bring to the table to round out my rough edges, fill in some of the holes, and see if I can make it in this world doing what I Will: Write.


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