Non-existent English Training Program

I went to see the advisor today at the college. The appointment was to figure out if my goals in school qualified me for training benefits through unemployment. This would get me an extra 26 weeks of unemployment. Of course, “writer” isn’t in high demand, so we looked at another path to try, the exact title of which slips my mind. This would allow me to stop looking for work so I can focus on my school, but after my original allotted time, I’d wouldn’t be able to extend it. It’s a long shot, but it’s worth a try. There aren’t a lot of high demand jobs requiring an English degree, which I kind of expected, or at least a degree that would is aimed towards writing.
I think no matter what,I’m going to have to get a job. There’s no way that I can do all this and not work. I think I’m finally okay with that. I think I’ll be fine, I just need unemployment to hold out until I find a job that is suitable for going to school, preferably a waitressing job, since I know I can make bank on tips, but still be flexible in the area of scheduling. Most waitressing jobs are very understanding of students especially in a college town like this one.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I want to take advantage of the system and mooch off taxes. No, not at all. It’s that when I work, I put my all into my job. It’s everything in me to be a good employee, get good reviews, and climb as high as I can. That means putting in as many hours as possible, being reliably on call, and so on. My boyfriend tells me I’m a workaholic, which very well may be true. I can’t do that as well as put my everything into school, and while “officially” getting a job is my top priority, doing well in school actually is.
However, having said that, I think I have a phone interview tomorrow. A lady has been emailing me and calling me. It’s for an event coordinator, which isn’t aaas exciting as it sounds. If it is what I think it is (there have been quite a few job applications that I’ve filled out), it’s setting up and demonstrating espresso machines. It could be fun, as long as it’s not like those windshield repair people that you always seen in mall parking lots. I nearly got into that job a couple years ago, but there was something fishy about it.
On the 17th I sign up for my first classes!
I was going through the AgileGrad system to plan my classes, and it turns out that I’m further along in my AA than thought. If everything goes according to plan, I should be done by the end of Spring quarter of 2015, and then onto Western!


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