Think Piece Thursday

I know I have mentioned Think Piece Productions before. It is a video productions and event company (consisting of two active members and two silent members) of which I am a member of. It’s a lot of work, and I won’t lie, it’s not something I anticipated still being involved in.

The majority of what I do is filming and editing, mostly band videos, which are our bread and butter. From time to time I get into correspondence and more secretarial work for the company, but I have a hard time being told what to do by my boyfriend, so I stick to what I like. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s my boyfriend’s company?

Unfortunately, for the amount of work it takes to edit a show, it doesn’t exactly pay awesome, and it’s really easy to get bogged down by editing projects. If all the camera angles are good, I can get through editing a band’s set in a day. If the the lighting is too dark, if the table that one of the tripods is sitting on is shaky from the bass, if some jerk stands in front of the tripod the entire time – or whatever – then it takes some craftiness, and can take longer.

After the break down of the cost of everything, after filming a show, it’s leaves with whoever is editing about $20-$30 a day. If that.

Which is why I don’t count it as a job, but rather something I am a member of. An almost internship, if you will.

When I got into Think Piece, it was because of my boyfriend. When we first started dating, he was in the process of starting the company, to the point where he didn’t even want to charge bands to film and edit their sets. Everyone, of course, was jumping on this deal, and he was getting bogged down with projects.

I wanted to help him actually get paid,  so I began contacting bands to have them pay him to film and edit. This was working really well for a while, except he was filming and building more gigs faster than he could edit them. About this time I was helping him with filming, doing things on the tripod, since my hands aren’t nearly as steady as his. I was becoming exhausted as well, since I was still working in caregiving, and working irregular hours. Combining the two was taking a huge toll on me.

In August of 2012 we learned about an amazing festival that was meant to be happening during “The End of the World”, 12.21.2012 – which was also my birthday. This festival was in Cairo, and had headliners of Beats Antique and the Desert Dwellers. I began looking into it, and researching Egypt as well, and discovered that they to had an end of days prediction for the same date, though theirs involved Osiris returning to earth. After a lot of thought, planning and research, we decided we had to be there, and make a documentary out of it – There and Begin Again, we were going to call it. We plotted out the sites we would visit, we contacted the festival who agreed to give us a discount as well as let us to interview their panel speakers. The hostels and plane tickets were booked.

We met with a lot of resistance. Many of our family and friends didn’t approve, mostly because it was so hostile. My father even went so far as to tell me that if I went he would never speak to me again. It was really hard. But we were determined to do this, and to sooth our friends and family we assured them that if it got too dangerous, we would call it all off. We threw events, fund raisers, had a Kick-Starter campaign – we had all our ducks in a row.

Until war was declared in Egypt. It was officially too dangerous, and we called it off immediately, as promised.

Two days later, peace was declared. Wonderful for the Middle East, but on a personal note, I was devastated. Had we held out just for a few more days, we would have been able to go.

I had requested 5 weeks off from work for the project, losing all my permanent shifts, I had to go back to working as a fill-in. This left my schedule very unscheduled, and more of my time went into Think Piece, and I learned to edit a thing or two. I began helping a little bit with the projects that were piling up, and eventually we got on top of them.

Since, we’ve been figuring out how to work together (I’m stubborn as all hell, and while I don’t mind being directed, I’ve always had an ego trip when it comes to a significant other telling me what to do), and while we’re still working the kinks out, and I’m trying to get the motivation to edit more (this whole writing thing is definitely taking top importance). But with time, it will grow.

After all, we’ve already been hired to go on tour with a band to a festival in Montana called Testy Festy, we’ve worked on a couple of music videos, we’ve been hired by a local politician to make his commercials for his campaign as well. They’re slowly moving up, it’s just making sure they continue to do so.

So, Thursdays are Think Piece Thursdays! Good Luck and Enjoy!


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