Fermented Friday – Washington Wine

I learned something the other day while in Spokane.

Our friend that drove us had some other friends that invited our crew to breakfast. We had an amazing breakfast with home-made cinnamon swirl bread that was turned into french toast, infused maple syrup with vanilla and star anise and cinnamon sticks, rum-soaked apple slices, organic eggs with goats cheese, shallots and herbs. It was beautiful!

After, our hostess took us downstairs to show us the wine cellar. I had never been in a proper wine cellar and I was just tickled pink! They were all labeled with tags off the neck and arranged by year and location. Most were from local wineries.

Our hostess began telling us about how California had a bad year and France was having troubles too, so Washington Wine is where it’s at for the next couple of years.

I of course had to make the crack – “Washington – Good Wine, Good Pot!”

However, the truth is, for 2013, Washington set the record as far as their harvest goes, with 210,000 TONS of grapes for wine.

I also learned that Cab Sav is our top wine as well, which is perfect, since that’s my preference.

Wine from Walla Walla was even featured at the White house in February, enjoyed by the president himself! It was a 2009 Chester-Kidder red blend, which is half cabernet sauvignon blended with syrah as well as petit verdot, all of which grown in the Columbia Valley.

Washington has over 43,000 acres for wine grapes, and produces over 350 different wine varieties with at least 750 wineries. It brings in half a million dollars annually to the state, and is the third most valuable crop in Washington, and ranks as the second premium wine producer. Find out more Washington Wine Statistics Here.

Seems I’ll have to be sampling these wines, seeing what flavorful journeys I’m taken one with our local delicacies.


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