Inspirational Weekends – Where are you?

Are you there? Perhaps you’re over there – You know, over by that rock. Are you reading this on your phone? At your computer? Did you glance at it earlier and merely contemplating this now? Where are you? Are you present in the moment? Are you living in a memory? Are you living in your fictional universe you created for your characters to live in?

Personally, I’m experiencing the sun. It’s warm on my fact, touching my bare toes and reddening my skin. Around me is the scent of the forest, just after it’s rained. Of course, the warmth of the sun has dried it considerably, but the lingering scent of humid trees still lingers. It’s the best smell there is.

I pull out my bowl of couscous and goats cheese with dried cranberries, and unscrew the lid of my water jar. A perfect hike for a perfect day.


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