Job Search Review

I’ve been told over and over that no one actually sees your job searches, you’re just doing it to do it. When I called to sort out my unemployment and spoke to an actual real-life person, even he said it doesn’t matter where or how you record it, just that you record them.

So I made damn sure that I emailed all my job searches. That way I would have their email address and the date that I applied and sent them my resume. If I got something back, bonus.

Apparently, not that easy.

I received a Summoning from Work Source,  requesting that I come in so that they could review my job searches for the week ending on February 22. I had that moment of, “Was I even on unemployment at that time?” Of course I was, I was laid off on February 4th, and applied for unemployment that day. But it just seemed so long ago!

I dug through my scraps of paper, old emails and the like, trying to find my job searches. I finally found them, and my boyfriend, who had been summoned to an orientation last week (not me though?), relayed to me that they had to be recorded on the Job Search Log, specifically. Awesome.

I transcribed them, feeling quite silly as most of my job searches were via Craigslist and thus only had the Craigslist email address of non-sense numbers and letters. I filled out the next couple weeks as well, just to be on the boyscout side of things.

When I arrived, the lady at the desk was very cheerful and helpful, told me a bunch of things very quickly, then sent me off to a computer to do a couple job searches. I wasn’t meant to apply for the jobs, just find ones that I might be qualified for and write them down.

After I did so, I waited another ten minutes before a lady came out to get me. She didn’t seem interested in shaking my hand, even though I offered it. She even made a comment, almost as a sort of joke about how I was pretty eager to perform the introductory ritual. Sorry for being professional! Isn’t that what I’m supposed to be? She told me she was intimidated by my dreads, that she’s allergic to them and didn’t want to get dread mites on her.

That’s not true, she didn’t say that last part….out loud.

We sat down  in her cubicle while she went over my resume, pointed out that I had done most of my log-filling incorrectly, even down to the pen ink (really, I should have known better on that one). I had to go and refill it so it was copyable, ad a zip code here and there, and see if I could find a means of contact for my job searches that wasn’t the non-sense stream of numbers and letters for the coded Craigslist address.

When I returned, the only thing she really had to tell me was that on my resume I should avoid the “I” statements, though that was it. I like the “I” statements. It makes me more human on a piece of paper, more difficult to say no to, right? Or is that just when you’re with killers that you humanize yourself?

She sent me on my way, told me I needed now to apply for the two jobs I had found. She had me watch a quick video (she said it was five minutes, but that was a lie. It was PowerPoint style and easily ten minutes, with bad acting) explaining what counts as a job search, how to fill out the Log and so on.

And that was it. No where near as terrifying as I thought it would be. Thank goodness I got that part out of the way.

I have been told by my mom and others that Work Source is not out to get me, they’re not unemployment proper, they’re just a resource center to make sure you’re looking for work, and doing it correctly. Still, it’s ain’t fun.


8 thoughts on “Job Search Review

  1. God I hate bureaucracy – the nonsense paper pushing is at times ridiculous and often you have to wonder to yourself how come I don’t have a job and this obviously mediocre, rule bound wouldn’t know an original thought if it bit them on the arse person has one. I had a brief stint dealing with them in my early 20’s before going back to university and honest I can understand why some people go all postal on them. Wish you all the best with your endeavours and I bet large amounts of cashie money that it will be your own personal endeavours that land you a job not any assistance that they supposedly provide. All the best J.


  2. God, that sounds awful. Good luck! At least you’re maintaining a sense of humor about it all!

    No, they probably hate your humanizing I statements. It would probably be best if you were justa robot, actually. You should really work on that.


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