Meeting Goals (Goal Fail)

I have goals. In order to make this whole blogging thing work and be successful, I have designed my personal blogging planner, as I hear is customary.

Part of my blogging planning dailiness, is to write at least one post for the day, and write two posts to be posted in the future. My goal is for three posts a day to be posted, regardless of when they’re written.

Today I am having troubles. Yesterday, I was having troubles. I wrote my future post, due to come out on Sunday, and I have no post written today, for today.

So, instead of something useful, today is a post about not being able to write today, not being able to put my mind to today enough to create a proper real post.

Sorry to make you get to the end of this, just to realize that it’s purely fulfilling a goal. Writing because if I don’t, I might discontinue the habit entirely.




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