Thegn Performing “Indifference” By Pearl Jam (read the Note first)

This is not 100% sound-candy. And it is not Thegn’s fault!

This was filmed at a festival in Whatcom County, in Washington, called Worthy Fest.

The festival, trying out a new venue, had had numerous sound complaints (from 3 miles away!), and thus the sheriff had told them they had to cut all generators at 11 (they had scheduled acts and DJs until 4am – you can see the problem). Thegn was the headlining band the night after the warning had been issued, and 11 p.m. had struck. In the background is someone warning that the sheriff was already there, telling them to power down the generators.

The guy singing with her is the face of the festival, and Thegn decided to give him his wish – to sing Phish, Alice in Chains, and Pearl Jam covers.

However, the singer, Brooke, sings like an angel, when you get to the chorus, it is truly highlighted.

All but one of our crew had thought that since the generators were getting shut off, that the show was over, and turned off their cameras. One camera stayed on.

I really love this video because it captures a moment of community, captures a moment of togetherness. The whole audience sang along to an acoustic performance. Brooke’s singing give me chills, ever time I hear it.


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