Vaccines, GLBT, Abortion, Guns

Vaccines, GLBT, Abortion, Guns

What do all of these things have in common? A lot more than you would think.

  1. A Choice
  2. A Freedom
  3. A Right
  4. A whole mess of people in pissed-off debates about them

Now, it is none of my business to tell anyone how to live their life, or what to believe, or how to act. I can choose the people I want to be around, that I find wholesome in my reality, and I can shrug off the rest. And you know what, everyone else can do the same thing. If you are pro-life, don’t have an abortion. If you’re pro-choice, support those that need your support during their difficult time. If you don’t want a gun, don’t get one. If you are pro-guns, then educate and be educated with your guns. 

The biggest one that every single one of those things has in common that makes each and every individual beautiful – is Opinion. There is an opinion behind each one of those things, and every single person on this earth has an opinion about something. 

Opinions are fun things. They’re what help contribute to our individuality. They’re interesting to mull around, like tasting a new wine. You mentally experiment with it, you chew it, you smell it, you plant different seeds to see how it interacts and evolves. You have friends with opinions too, and sometimes they’re fun discussion, expanding your knowledge on the subject matter. Sometimes it’s a healthy and hearty debate. 

But you know sometimes – sometimes opinions can lead people to be down-right mean. 

I posted an article on facebook which got some emotions stirred. As my friends debated with one another, it escalated, and people began calling people morons, and saying that indirectly they were responsible for deaths across the country – and these were some of the tamer things. 

I myself was once told that I personally was going to be responsible for millions of deaths because I chose to learn and practice holistic healing and herbalism. 

How is saying these things to people ok? Why do people think that because their opinion is being challenged, that someone has a different view on whatever, that they should be treated so terribly? 

Religion, politics, medicine, gender preference – it doesn’t matter. We are all members of the rainbow that is humanity, that is the human race. And what makes a rainbow beautiful is the diversity of its colors. 



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