One Month Today!


It’s been one month today since I started this blog. Honestly, I’m really good at starting projects and getting distracted by other projects and seeing the original project fade away. That being the nature that I am always trying to remedy, it’s promising that I have lasted this long so far.


In this month, I have –

  • Gained more followers than I ever expected to
  • Written and made public 95 posts – 95 posts! That’s insane!
  • Gained more views in one month than in my first year  of writing on HubPages
  • Spent the most time on Twitter than I thought I could possibly do (I struggle at about 10 minutes a day, breaking my previous record of 30 seconds)
  • Learned there is a lot more to blogging – and most so, having a successful blog than just sitting down and typing (though that does help!)
  • Learned to follow a schedule – which is perfect grooming for when I am in school and need some form of discipline.
  • Learned to read other content and respect it. I have always had a hard time reading blogs, or even articles for that matter – anything on a screen. But through blogging and reaching out into the blogging community, I have learned a lot from my fellow bloggers, and accepted the digital form of reading (but you know, give me old fashioned paper any day!)
  • Made some friends. I used to write a lot more on Hubpages, and I really enjoyed the community on there, and veering away from that was like moving to a new town and trying to find friends and see if there actually is a community. So far, I really enjoy the friends I’ve found on here.

I know, it’s sappy, but hey! You only get one first month blog post!

So thank you every one that has suffered through my ramblings, been supportive of my yammerings, and have offered your thoughts and opinions.


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