Wishing Someone to Die

Founder of Westboro Baptist Church on Death Bed

For those of you who don’t know, or have wisely been ignoring the gossip and drama of the US, the Westboro Baptist Church is a group of extremists, known for picketing at the funerals of members of the GLBT community – with signs along the lines of “God Hates Fags” and so on. They even went so far as to picket at the funerals of victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting in December of 2012. This is not a well liked movie. Keven Smith went as far as to make a movie about them called The Red State (very much worth watching).

The founder of this group now is on his death bed, and a great deal of the country is whispering for him to hurry up and die.

Let me repeat that: Hundreds, thousands of people are wishing for this man to die faster. 

This man, and his hate-spouting group are despised.

How must that feel to be truly hated, to a good chunk of a nation of will you dead? What’s more, how must that feel knowing that you’re teetering along the edge of the bowl, about to slip into the unknown.

There is no doubt to me that his funeral will certainly be an event, that it will not be a private affair, no matter how hard they may try. I am certain that a great many people will arrive and do to him and his what they have done to the mourning families of others. And honestly, that would be karma, and just.

But what does that solve? Two wrong and making a right and all that.

Honestly, what would warm my heart to see would be for everyone to come together and be respectful towards this man, the way he and his should have been to others. At the end of the day this is what could be said about him:

He was a being of this world with his own vibration unique to him and his, and that he was passionate and strived towards what he believed in.

Do we have to like him? Not at all. Do we have to respect him as an individual? Do we have to love him? Absolutely not. But if we want to change the world, make the world a better and more nurturing place, then we have to help nurture those that might have lost the way, show what love actually and truly is. I am not a religious person, but I do hold the belief that if God is real, he is a being of love, and if we are to truly do right by Him and his word, then expression of love is the right path to take.


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