It’s Official!

It's Official!

It’s official! I have in fact registered for Spring quarter of 2014!
I am so excited that I am officially a real live student! And this time around, I’m a responsible one!

Initially the classes I was signing up for were English 101, Math and Nutrition, however, I was going to have to be on a waiting list for a couple of them, which scared me. I tinkered around with the English one and found a class around the same time as the first try for it. I’m still on the waiting list, but there’s no one before me.

I dropped the Nutrition one all together. I think that I can get that for a later date, and that it counted as one of my sciences (I’m still confused on what is equivalent to what).

While I was waiting for my turn to register, there were all these handy-dandy print-outs of classes, information, adventures to pursue and so on. I grabbed the two sheets for Literature and Journalism. I tried the Lit classes first, going for Major British Authors: Tolkien – because why on earth not?!?! However, I couldn’t find any of them on the class registry lists, so I opted for a Journalism class instead.

I am actually really terrified that I’m taking a Journalism class. I have said from the get-go that I don’t want to be a journalist. I don’t like going out and bugging people for information, I don’t like writing interviews and so on – and whatsmore! I detest formatting my writing in a standard-news-paper-article way! They always told me it was an upside down pyramid – the catchiness at the top and then lead into the lesser interesting details.

That ain’t my style.

But who knows, this could broaden my horizens. I could learn that I really love writing this way, I could find out that my classes in high school were full of crap and that system of writing is just a way of easy grading. Maybe I could discover that they’re not so much journalistic articles, but rather what I actually hear them called in shows and movies – stories. I sure could write a story, after all.

I’m not too worried about the English and the Math. I’ve always done well with math, and I’ve been looking for something to kickstart me back into reading.

It’s exciting. It’s amazing. It’s official!


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