Musing Monday: Book Clubs

Bookclubs. Are. SCARY.

Well, they might not be. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been to on, be a part of one, formed one. But they seem it.

Book clubs intimidate me I don’t know why – perhaps it’s the image I get of housewives thinking it’s scandalous to be reading 50 Shades of Grey, or that image of King of the Hill plays in my head when Peggy tries to join a book club, and gets laughed at because she’s not smart enough (to solve this, of course she buys a book store – the logical response… not a bad idea though…).

I enjoy the aspect of there possibly being wine, but over all, I have to say that I worry

  1. That I’ll get all snotty and consider the book to be beneath me (pretty snotty considering how little I’ve been reading lately). I really don’t look well upon books that everyone is talking about. I don’t like following the heard, and I don’t like the New York Times telling me what is good.
  2. That I’ll feel pressured and be like “screw you book club! You can’t tell me what to read!” or –
  3. I just won’t get what they’re talking about, or I’ll have an entirely different view of the book, or I’ll take the book for face value. Yes, To Kill a Mockingbird was actually about how to set a trap for a bird that is constantly making fun of me.

I also don’t know as many readers as I used to. Everyone, including myself, has become wrapped up in daily living and doesn’t have time to read, or when they get to it, they’re too tired from everything else. The other great readers I know also live over an hour and a half away.

I’m also afraid of strangers. I suppose I’ll have to get over that when I’m in class and have a group project on the go, but I’ll be getting credit for that one.

I suppose though that book clubs is basically just an english class without essays and in a class setting, something to do with friends.

Are you a part of a book club? Have you been? What has your experience been?


3 thoughts on “Musing Monday: Book Clubs

  1. Yes! They are scarey! And all I can think of is equating them to the PTA. When you were at Geneva I thought I should participate in the PTA. Knowing that I wouldn’t fit in I went out and bought some black slacks and black pump shoes – never to be worn again. These women were just from a different planet and, right or wrong, thats how I think a book club would be for me.


  2. In middle school I had just read I Am Legend and my mom suggested I go to a book club meeting she had heard about for kids my age. They had just read the book and I was excited to see to talk about it seeing as it was my favorite novel at the time. When I got there I discovered no one had even read the book. Everyone there just talked about movies and video games! I was very disappointed and haven’t even thought about book clubs since haha


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