Very Pinteresting

I’ve recently been realizing the value of Pinterest, as silly as it may seem. It used to be that it was just a place to share pretty pictures and bookmark links I was probably never going to look at. However, I’ve been gaining most of my blogging tips from there, as well as getting a surprising amount of think-bank material for general creative writing on there.

I have a place for art, different types of recipes – vegan, veggie and whatever (which I’ll probably never use), a place for information on mushrooms, several different genres of health, ideas for dreadlocks and so on.

None of it has really been useful to me until recently, until I started this blog, and actually wanted to make sure I did well with it. So I searched Blogging Tips. An Lo! Tips, blogging tips everywhere! I learned a lot. There was a lot of junk to sift through as well, but for the most part, I learned enough to get me started in a good direction. 

I recommend it, if you haven’t started using it. It’s also a good way to get your posts out there, if you have a good picture to go along with it. 


9 thoughts on “Very Pinteresting

  1. Pinterest scares me – all those people who can DO things or who are so handy with stuff. It is a little lowering to admit that I am in fear of quilters and crafters as they make me feel a little lacking in the domestic sense. Which is silly since I’ve never had ANY desire to domestic in the traditional sense of the word – but still yep unsettling.


    • I was intimidated too, simply because I’m not crafty. However, I find so many other things on there. I have a lot of people tell me it’s a lady’s site, but that’s not true at all. I personally have a board called DIY Eco, which are all do it yourself projects to help you live more sustainably, which range every where from cleaning products to building your own house to converting your car to bio-fuel. I have a board for blogging tips, study tips, for camping, for vegan cooking, vegetarian cooking, for yoga, health, gardening, writing – all sorts. It’s just a giant book marking site with pictures, really. I find it quite useful 🙂


      • Really I thought it was fashion and doilies. Enviro cleaning products you can make yourself is something that I’ve been working on – sounds like they would have something on that. Hmmm considering possible crochet contamination – if I can avoid cross stitching etc it sounds worth another look.


      • You can check mine out if you want a broader view of it. It’s a little messy at the moment because I haven’t had the patience to put my boards into order in a while.

        you can search just about everything and find something on there…except for vegan camping food. I had a hard time finding much on that one.


      • Never been on a hunting camping trip. ha ha! I’m not vegan…yet. One day though. I need a bit more than potatoes and bread. Camping while gluten free is a fun one too. I tried vegetarian and gluten free camping and I think I ate corn on the cob all weekend.


      • I don’t camp as believe I made clear in ‘this is why I don’t camp’ post. I like clean sheets, hot water, toilet paper and if I’m on holidays I want room service. Why work hard you can stay home and do that. Nature is great – I’m all for nature but me IN nature – nothing natural about that at all.


      • I’m there with you. I went through a few years of just not enjoying camping. I don’t like being cold, I don’t like being bitten, I like being able to see when it’s dark outside, I don’t like peeing in bushes.
        But last summer we went on tour with a band, which involved 10 days of camping, since all but a couple of their gigs were at festivals, followed immediately by another gig filming at a festival, and then we did a family thing with my boyfriend’s dad – and after that forced abundance of camping, I got used to it, and really enjoyed it. We moved into our new house after camping season, and I refused to move our bed (which had been stored for a couple months while we house sat in-between camping trips) in because I was so used to sleeping on the ground. It did wonders for my back, oddly enough.
        Usually we kick start the year with a festival in April, but that festival has been moved to the summer this year, so I think we have to wait until June for the first one, but my boyfriend and I are talking about camping for our anniversary at the end of April (if the snow on the hills goes away that is).


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