Too Damn Excited and I’ve neglected You

I’m slacking in areas, mostly here. SOrry, I know this is the second week that I haven’t posted on my Holistic Learning Theme, and I know I should. My bad. My brain hasn’t been in it.

I have just been so excited about signing up for class, and finally getting ahold of all the information I’ve been needing in order to know exactly what I need to be doing and so on. It is finally real. It is no longer something I’m excited about that I’m not actually going to do. I am in this. This is my life for the next 4+ years. 

So what have I done with my recharged enthusiasm for school? Well I’ll tell ya – 

  1. Inquired about signing up for the school newspaper
  2. Looked at clubs to join (non that currently interest me, though I’ll reconsider when I get into French in the Fall)
  3. Mapped out my bus route (lame, I know, but I’m going from county to county, and it’s easier to have a written cheat-sheet handy than having to look up the times on my phone every day)
  4. Discovered there’s a gym I can put to use – for free (bonus!)
  5. Looked into the Study Abroad program

I know I’m just about to take my first journalism class, but I figure that joining the school newspaper (The Horizon) can:

  • Force me to write – and force me to write in different styles that I’m not comfortable with, helping me to be slightly more rounded.
  • Get me some extra credit in my journalism class
  • looks good on an eventual resume
  • Looks awesome when I’m trying to transfer to a fancy university from my community college. 

The Study Abroad program looks amazing, and I’m certainly interested, but it does mean applying for more scholarships to make up the $7K it’ll cost. The one specifically that I’m wanting to be a part of is the one in Florence, Italy, where I would be spending next spring quarter learning the language, learning the culture and indulging in all sorts of exciting, expanding experiences. After all that I lived in the UK for four years, I only went to Amsterdam for a week, and that was my entire European experience (except when a few years later, my boyfriend and I visited and hopped on a foot-ferry to Ireland for the day). 

So I have been in contact with someone for the latter, and emailed the professor in charge of the newspaper, though I haven’t heard back. 

The next thing I need to figure out is if Financial Aid will a) come in in the next 4 days so that I don’t have to pay for my classes on credit cards and b) will cover text books. I think I might have to go the digi rout, though that might not be the case for the math book. Either way, I found the e-book version of my English text book, which is only $23, which is kind of sort of really great. I”ll hold my breath and see how the next couple of days go. 


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