This is Mush, Good Luck Reading It

An unintentional experiment – No, no. I can’t do it. I can’t lie! I ditched you, Bloggiverse. I ditched you for the sun in the sky and the beautiful Spring Equinox day and because I needed a day without the computer screen staring at me. But it’s ok, I’m good, I’m cool. I had a nice long day walking around yesterday in the sun in beautiful Fairhaven, putting up posters for upcoming events, and now I have it out of my system. You have my attention, Bloggiverse. 

Though I did learn how much a presence definitely makes a difference. You know how many views I’ve had over the last two days without being active on here? Without posting links onto Twitter or Facebook, without commenting and reading other blogs? 6. 6 views. No seriously, that’s it. 

So it’s true what they say – be social in the Bloggiverse. Make friends and be nice! It definitely goes a long way – plus you know, the whole making friends thing too is nice no matter what. Actually, I’ve really enjoyed the interactions I’ve had on here, the folks I’ve met through the computer screen. I hated reading stuff on the computer, I can definitely see how it affects me – hence having to take a couple days off, for the most part away from the computer – and generally, when I come across an article, I slightly skim it. I never read blogs, I couldn’t be bothered researching – doing real reading of a topic via computer screen. But since getting into the blogging community, I’ve learned to read more on screen, and that has been a bit of an improvement for me all around. 

I’m sorry, I’ve gone a bit soft and sappy in this entry. This is mostly an apology to myself for not writing for the last couple days, an apology to Think Piece because I missed Think Piece Thursday (though in all fairness, up until a couple minutes ago, I thought today was Thursday, and had been plotting what I was going to write about), and I’m apologising to my future self for not instilling an enforced blogging/writing habit. 

Oh, and I apologise for this entry too. Kinda lame. Soz. 


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