Sunday Break Time?

I think I have to have a day off. 

Not necessarily from writing altogether, but just from blogging. The pressure to make sure I write three things a day, as well as comment on new blogs and this and that – it’s a lot for me to be doing 7 days a week. What’s more, it’s a lot for my boyfriend not to bug me before noon because I’m trying to accomplish as much of my list before then. 

So, I think I need to take Sundays off. I also think I need to re-do my blogging scheduling as well. The daily themes aren’t working out terribly well for me, since I’ve missed two, three? of my Holistic Learning days, missed my Think Piece Thursday this week (mostly because I got my days mixed up). 

I think part of it is because recently I’ve been having an incredibly hard time getting out of bed in the morning. When I was getting everything done that I needed doing – blogging-wise – I was getting up at 6 every morning. I haven’t been able to get up before 8 since daylight savings – which doesn’t make too much sense. I need to get my sleep schedule sorted – if for no other reason than preparation for school.


I applied to work at Red Robin today. I’m not sure how much I’ll get the job. I like to think that corporations are a little more liberal around here, but the truth, they won’t a dready, pierced-up server, no matter how awesome I am at customer service, or how badly I need the tips to get through college. 

I nearly applied for a job that actually said “must have pleasing appearance”, and then noted in the same job ad that they had to take their last listing down because they suggested that young, college girls should work there. Have no idea which business it is, just that it’s a bar. I have to say kudos to their honesty, even if it was a bit sleezy. 

Not working is driving me crazy. I don’t like not seeing a paycheck come in. I don’t like not getting out of the house unless there’s a necessary reason. Part of it is living out in the county. I don’t like being so far from everything. When I lived in Bellingham, I could walk wherever I wanted. It wasn’t a big deal to just sling my backpack on and walk into town to a coffee shop to sit and write. Now it’s 7ish miles to the nearest coffee shop, and no busses. It’s 9 miles to the nearest bus route. I’m trying not to drive since our truck is a) shared by both my boyfriend and I, so I can’t just steal it whenever. I have to be considerate. and b) a gas guzzler, getting 17 miles to the gallon. It also needs its oil changed, which we can’t quite spare at the moment. So I’m not driving without purpose. 

I should delight in the calm and quiet. I’m going to loath the business that will ensue in a couple weeks. Just a couple weeks!



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