The Home Page – Do You Go Further?

I’m just doing  a little bit of organizing on my blog, and was considering what it is a person sees when they go to my blog Home Page. When They click on the htpp:// part.

As it stands now, it goes to my most recent entry and you can scroll down to see my other entries. But if I had another page, as some do, such as my About Page or some other page – how likely are you, or any other reader, to click to go further and read entries?

Does any of that make sense?


4 thoughts on “The Home Page – Do You Go Further?

  1. I’m personally quite the blog stalker… I dig deep 🙂 So I’d read just as much with a stagnant home page! Possibly more so if someone’s homepage is particularly engaging.


  2. Personally, I normally make new contacts through a single article. After reading that, I look for an “about the author” page to see what perspective the author is coming from. After that I browse other articles. I rarely look for a homepage, unless that is the only way to access more of the author’s work.


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