Writer Who: Versatile Blogger Awarding

As mentioned before, I was nominated for two awards, one of which I posted last week, and this week I get to post about the Versatile Blogger Award.

I know that these aren’t anything to jump up and down about, but once again, it’s the matter of being the new kid in school and getting picked to play kickball. I’m included – yay!

I was nominated by Jenni, of Unload and Unwind. I’m glad I came across her blog, however it happened. I have always enjoyed reading it, and enjoyed the engaging comment conversations we get into. I want to say thanks to her for the nomination, and I will say now that everything I have learned about the Versatile Blogger Award, I have learned from her own nomination.

Seven Random Things About Me:

  1. I hate instant coffee, but I don’t have a coffee pot or French press, so I drink it anyway
  2. I preach against dairy, but I can’t stay away from cheese – I think the best diet in the world is oily roast veg such as artichoke hearts and asparagus, french bread, cheese, grapes and red wine….all to be enjoyed in a park somewhere of course.
  3. I feel really bad if I kill a bug. Especially if I hear the crunch. I genuinely feel guilt at ending that thing’s life (unless it attacks me in some way, in which point it’s survival of the fittest)
  4. I once served Roger Waters when I was a waitress in North Wales. Bear Grills too. And most of the cast from Coronation Street. For being so tiny, Abersoch is a pretty hoppin’ place.
  5. I collect couches. We have four, and are looking for more. We might have a couch problem.
  6. To contradict the last fact about me – I hate collecting things. I’ve hopped from one country to another, over a pretty large ocean, a few times, which has taught me to keep my possessions to a minimum. Books are the exception to the rule.
  7. Caffeine is my number one favorite drug.

I think the next part is that I am meant to link to 15 blogs that I have recently begun to follow…I’m not entirely certain. And then after that I nominate people? Well….I’m going to combine and average. I’ll link/nominate seven total. Yes, that is how this is going to roll.

  • The Incompetent Writer – No that incompetent 😉
  • Zombies Ate My Brain – We share a mutual love of crystals, though whether she’s aware that I have that interest as well is probably unknown. Very fun blog, witty words and musings!
  • College Unbound – a great resource for a returning student like myself
  • Math With Bad Drawings – This blog cracks me up. And it’s educational. Educational cracking 🙂
  • Tenure, She Wrote – I appreciate this blog because it gives me a glimpse into the accomplished academic world, the one I’m trying to get into, eventually.
  • Amature Author – It’s a journey and a process to write a novel, and It’s good to support one another. This is my support to the first-time novelist, and I’m glad to read though her journey.
  • Geeky Book Snob – I started following this blog because I need inspiration to read. I know! I know! It’s terrible – a writer that isn’t reading. For the last few years my main reading has been non-fiction, and it’s hard making the swap into fiction again. I don’t know what to read, and I have commitment issues to books. A blog of a book snob is right up my alley, as that is exactly what I am.

Ok, I think I did everything I was supposed to do for this. Any way, Thank you every one that has been there on the blogging journey!

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