Think Piece Thursday – Galaxy Far Away Fest 2014

When I first met my boyfriend, one of the first things out of his mouth was “I’m a huge Star Wars nerd.” I laughed it off and thought it was cute. He pulled up his sleeves and showed me his Mandalorian and quote tattoos, and told me about how he had read most of the books written about the Star Wars universe and I thought – Hey! At least he reads! And at least it’s not Star Trek!

Little did I know..

Each year he has a huge birthday party, which at this point has mutated. This is the fourth one – third one that I have been a part of – that is the Star Wars Party – except now Disney owns the rights to Star Wars, so it’s Galaxy Far Away Fest.

Usually it’s a bunch of people ranging from Bellingham to Portland, coming together to have a couple laughs, dress in Star Wars gear, hear some live music and burn an effigy or two. The first year in Washington (the first one ever was in Portland) and the first one I was a part of – the folks that allowed us the use of their land for the venue, built for my boyfriend a giant AT AT. It was about 12 feet tall and fantastic.

I'm in the Green Cape

I’m in the Green Cape



Needless to say, we burned it, because…what else do you do with a giant AT AT?

At this point, my boyfriend and I had only been together for a couple months, and you have to imagine, I was wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into. I was expecting a small house party.

I ended up going as Mara Jade – which I had to learn about (She’ll probably come up in the Disney Star Wars movie coming up, but for those who don’t know, Mara Jade was originally part of the empire, and sent to kill Luke. They end up falling in love and getting married. Needless to say, she didn’t kill him), completely uncertain of what was expected of me in this new relationship in this costume.

Last year was a little more organized, and the first year that a suggested donation was put into place. We also moved the date a little later in the year so that the weather would be nicer. It worked. It was so hot that our camera person – that was neither my boyfriend, nor I – had a seizure and blacked out. The lesson learned there is hydration.  There will be water stations this year.

DSCN1047 DSCN1055 DSCN1063

We had more families for 2013, people arriving earlier in the day, we were more organized with our Gate and Parking crew.

We counted 200 heads at one point, though our tally at the gate was higher.

The bands were amazing – local of course, but still big enough to have a pretty good local draw.

There was a lot learned, and a lot of really great costumes as well.

This year…

This year…

Let me tell you, this year is going to be huge.

We had our first meeting for it on Sunday to hash out the game plan and schedule. After how well last year did, it was very tempting to turn the event into a two-day party, but it was decided that this year’s mantra was going to be Better, not bigger. The think-tank’s attendance wasn’t as big as we had hoped, though it allowed for a speedier meeting (which still took two and a half hours).

We have plans for human chess, dunk tanks, turning Jar Jar Binks into target practice – almost like a fair without the rides.

We’re fine-tuning the bands to a select few to make way for the burlesque troop, costume contest, Fan-debates and Jedi vs Sith volley ball.

This is a year for Think Piece Productions to expand past simply video production. We want to be known as event specialists as well. The company is learning with each experience, and making each event better. It’s going to be a really fantastic year.

The biggest question for this year?

Which effigy shall we burn?


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