The Liberal Arts Degree: Unemployment Rates

As I am a weeks away from going back to school for the first time in ten years, I’m glad there is some encouragement for the aftermath!

Don't Read it Wrong

Unemployment: The recent college graduate’s worst nightmare.


Graduation is just around the corner for many college seniors.  Some may already have jobs lined up for them after graduation, but most do not.   The ones that do not are probably beginning to worry what will come after college.

Where will I find I job?  When will I find a job?

You may worry that after graduation you’ll spend weeks, months, and possibly even years without for a job.

A major criticism  of the English degree as well as other liberal arts degrees is that once you graduate college with your liberal arts degree you will be unable to find a job.  This, however, is only a misconception.  When comparing the unemployment rates of an English degree and other Liberal Arts and Humanities degrees to other Science, Engineering, and Math degrees you’ll find that the numbers don’t vary much.


In fact, liberal…

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