Yes: The only correct word

I said yes to the offer. I kept trying to find a reason to turn the offer down, some reason that perhaps agreeing would be the irresponsible decision.
The offer: free ride, free board, going to San Francisco.
Really, the only question that mattered – would I regret saying no?
As I mentioned in my previous entry, we were getting ready for an event, and mixed with the adrenaline of my fast decision making and the need to get my head in the game, I was certain my decision was not the right one.
As the hours went on, and knowing that she had said she would be fetching me at such an early hour, I contemplated texting her, letting my friend know that I couldn’t go after all, thatch couldn’t justify it. After all, I was to be starting my new job the morning after we were due to return, and while I could be thrifty with my spending, San Francisco food could still be pricy.
The night wasn’t the greatest, personally, due to some completely unrelated circumstances that aren’t worth elaborating on, and the doubt of my adventure-to-be sank in.
It was 2:30 in the morning, and I held my phone, twirling it, starting the text message, delete, text, delete, never sending a single one.

Of course I would regret not going! Sure I like to have things more planned, but the travel adventure is what I look for in life, even if it’s a destination previously explored! How could I consider declining?!
There is a caged monkey in me, that longs to climb the highest trees, swim the rivers of the jungle, try new fruits, but at the end of the day, enjoys learning what there is to be learned in the lab. I have to let my monkey out to play. If I don’t, it’s only a short step before I fall off the learning ladder, and may not get back up again.



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