The Spry Journalist

Coming to the end if my journey to California, the excitement of the new beginnings at home are setting in. I found that all last night I was dreaming of where to go with my writing career-to-be, figuring out exactly what my next steps should be, and dreaming of things that need to be written about.
I woke up looking up articles about journalism, what exactly it means to be a journalist. It’s so odd to me to be seriously considering this as a profession, since I have loathed the idea for so long. However, the more and more I seriously entertain it, the more appealing it is. I don’t have to write that “standard” upside- down pyramid of excitement – I just have to write well, and be able to capture audience enough to get finish the last words. I’ve always said my goal is to change the world, and my tool would be my writing. Journalism of course is the obvious way to do it.
The problem is that there are so many fluff pieces out there, so many articles all over the internet that at 90% GIFs, 9% words, 1% numbers that begin the lists of the GIFs. Most articles are how-to’s, bits about celebrities and their fashion, tid-bits on cooking, or what dog breed is “in“. The good stuff, the important eye-opening stuff is scarcer, and the ability to get into such careers fall to the elite.
My age has been something to consider, something instills doubt. When one thinks of journalism, the really good ones seem to have been at it since they were in high school, have known and had the practice all their developing life. The glamour of the young, spry journalist with her pen, notepad, and recorder doesn’t quite line up with the dreaded, pierced 30-something I will be when I first have the chance to start my career.
Of course, that’s if I want to play to the image in my head.
There is a certain romance to journalism, and I keep looking up articles to try and get a glimpse as to what the reality is, prepaid myself that it isn’t what I see on the movies, it isn’t an instant access to exotic jobs that take me around the world to exciting and dangerous territories, but most likely writing about the local eating contents for the local newspaper.


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