Reasons to be an English Major: Reading Improves The Brain

I want to be an english major so that I can be surrounded by literature to inspire my passion for writing, though clearly there are other benefits!

Don't Read it Wrong

How many of you remember how your parents way back in the day would constantly nag you about reading more books?

“Reading is good for your brain,” they’d say, while you moaned and groaned.

Well, it turns out they are correct.  According to a recent neuroscience research report published in the Brain Connectivity Journal, reading, especially fiction, improves a variety of brain functions, including brain connectivity.  “The storytelling aspect of a novel is a multi-faceted form of communication that engages a broad range of brain regions,” the research explains.


The above photo shows the enhanced brain connectivity due to reading fiction.

English majors are definitely improving their brain, then, if the research is correct.  Much reading is involved in acquiring an English degree.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming, especially if you take multiple English courses at once.  However, your brain is reaping the benefits of reading, so enjoy it.

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