First Day of School Eve Jitters

Tomorrow. It’s tomorrow!
The first day of school, the first day starting a new venture, a new phase if life, a new way of thinking.
Today I got all my school supplies, my last book arrived in the mail, and I feel completely under prepared. What on earth do college students use these days as far as journals, binders, back packs? I know it sounds silly, but when I was in high school, when I was doing college classes via the high school, I remember having an overly massive back pack on me at all times, even when I wasn’t going to school. Do people actually do that in real life? You know, the life outside of my head?
It should be a breeze – you know, the functionality of it all. Perhaps not the studying, not the part where I have to learn and pass tests and make my grades sparkle so that I can get into amazing schools like Oxford or Cambridge.
I am kind of nervous. At least this time around I know vaguely what to expect, I know somewhat where the classes are (kind of), and I have experience in dealing with nerve-wracking situations.
I’m not worried about math – math is math and will always be math and never change. I was good at math in high school, which I know was while ago, but if I was able to metaphorically put two and two together then, then I can get it figured out now. But tomorrow is my first class in journalism. That part scares me quite a bit. Writing has trends, and journalism has had many trends in the past as far as I can tell. Never mind the fact that I have been absolutely against journalism since I could pick up a pencil simply because I didn’t like how I understood the rules of the game to be played.
I’m pretty nervous, but I’m an adult this time.
I remember having a lab partner in Computer Science that was my age now, when I was 18. He was really cool, and we became pretty good friends, and we’re still friends now – but I am so sorry I was his lab partner. I’d come over and try and convince him it was a better idea to smoke pot and watch cartoons.
I think as far as my own focus goes, I’m better off now since I don’t hardly watch TV and I don’t smoke pot very much, if at all. But what about when I meet some cool running start kid that wants to be my partner and is distracting as hell?
Were all the high school kids as annoying as I was? At least I can say now that I have a different respect for education and educators, and will treat it differently. I just hope I’m not in a class with a bunch of snot nosed high school kids that were working the system like I used to.
I’m nervous.


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