And Math Isn’t the Scariest One

Well! I did it. I got through my first day in school.
Both classes were fairly painless, since they were both going on about what to expect from the class, the professor’s background and so on. My math teacher is pretty delightful. It’s her first quarter at Whatcom Community College, and even in the state for that matter. She’s Japanese, and really adorable, kind of timid and said up front that she failed college math when she took it initially.
For the most part, the students seemed about my age, and I even knew a couple of them – one from a former job and the other from High School. I knew she was going to school, but I thought she was a bit ahead of me, so it was a pleasant surprise. However, there were a couple students that were what I call Proper Adults – past the age of 40. I figured there would be a few, since both my parents went back to college around the retirement years.
The Journalism class was the one that scared me the most. I’m still fairly intimidated by it, but I still think it will be a good way for me to broaden my horizons, get me to look at a different writing style.
I said from the get-go that I didn’t trust that there were no books to accompany this class – and I placed my distrust accurately. There are a few books needed. One of them she said we could probably get by with sharing or just using out of the library, which I plan on doing, but the other one she recommended every journalist or aspiring journalist should have – The Associated Press Stylebook. She also suggested we ensure we have Wiliam Strunk Jr. and E.B. White’s book, The Elements of Style, as well as a good pocket dictionary.
She was very entertaining to listen to. She did go on a bit, but in a very colorful sort of way. She talked about the joys of a physical newspaper, and encouraged us to subscribe to some form of physical paper so we can experience said joy – and it’s required on Thursdays as well.
My teacher in Journalism has a fair bit of experience, having worked in New York (Not for the Times, but for other papers in New York), the local Bellingham Herald, and even the L.A. Times, which she reads frequently. I had to bite my lip from telling her she’s probably seen me before then, since I was on the cover of it around the date of December 6th, 2012 (I was smoking a bowl for Legalization day at the Space Needle in Seattle), but I thought it might not give the best impression of myself.

(You can find the article to accompany this photo of me (And my boyfriend on the right!) on the LA Times Page)
This was the class that I had worried about – well, not specifically, but in general – the one filled with Running Start students. One girl looked as though she had perfected the art of sleeping with her eyes open. Another looked as though she was entering her first year in Middle School. There was one other person that looked to be somewhat normal college age, and another lady older than me. Over all, it is a fairly small class.
Two classes down, one more to experience on the morrow.


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