Blessed Surroundings

The minutes are counting down before I head off to Bellingham to go to school for my first day. I am nervous, but that’s not what’s on my mind today.

I started off by trying to catch up on my blogging tasks that I have neglected for the last week – and more. I read about a lady who has an autistic son (in the Freshly Pressed – go check it out!), and her friend who was able to figure out how to get on that son’s good side. I began considering my own friends.

Recently I’ve been feeling lonely, forgotten by many of my friends still residing in Bellingham, and having to adopt new friends around us, but even feeling as though I’m not quite “in” with them yet.

I went to dinner Sunday night to one of these friends’ house, and we were greeted with the usual hugs and every one was inquiring – “How’s school?”, “How’s your blog?”

I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but this morning it clicked. I really realized that these folks are listening, keeping up, and supporting me on my journey. I have friends that are keeping up with whatever thoughts are going into this blog, whatever whim I decide to muse on, whatever recipe I decide to cook.

I have a friend that took me across the country because she knew how much I love to travel. We haven’t seen each other, or hardly been in contact for months, but she whisked me away like we do it all the time.

I have another friend that I met at a biker festival, and while we don’t see eye to eye on – well, most anything – he reads my blog, reads my entries and comments on them. Sure he might get red in the face when he does (yes, I’m talking about you, Bear!), but the point is he reads my work, and supports it.

The only thing making me feel lonely, is me.

Today, I don’t feel lonely. Today I realized how truly blessed I am with the people around me. I realize that my mother supports me, and I have some really amazing people around me to hold my hand as I go through things.

I have always considered myself to be a loner, the bed I made when I somewhere decided along the line that I can’t be in one place for long. I am no longer that loner. I have grown and found that I have a whole network of wonderful people surrounding me.

So thank you, friends. Thank you for caring and being who you are and in my reality!


3 thoughts on “Blessed Surroundings

  1. That me teary while I’m waiting to get me middle school students!! I hope your day goes well. By the wat I threw up on my first day of scchool!


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