Who Knew a School Day Could Be Like Tetris

Today was different. It was long. It was a long ride on a crowded bus, being awkward on campus, and being a jerk in class.
I might not have been a jerk. I just might have been opening expressing my annoyance.

I took the bus to school today – I feel so juvenile saying that. I used to take the bus everywhere I couldn’t walk to before I met my boyfriend, at which point we began sharing custody of his truck. Now, living as far away from anything as we do, we don’t walk, bus or bike anywhere, mainly because there’s nowhere to walk to, we’re minus bikes and the closes bus stop is seven miles away.
So this morning, my boyfriend drove me to the Park and Ride in Burlington, seven miles away, and I caught the bus to Bellingham. I generally don’t mind bus rides, but this one was 45 minutes with an extra packed back pack. My math book is the size of an extra large print dictionary, and I had my other books to stuff in there too, along with my lunch.
My backpack is not made nor welcoming of such stuffings.
The entire day was one big Tetris game getting everything into my bag before me along with it in crammed spaces. Clearly, I need to figure something else out.

My math class was alright, we went over there differences between rational and irrational numbers, got brushed up on some other terms, and talked about how to plot numbers along a line.
Extremely tedious. I felt like I was in the wrong place. I felt as though I had some how found another dimensional opening that had sling-shot me back into middle school math – no offense to anyone else in this math class. I’m sure it’s just a quick review before it gets more complicated.
The math homework was so simple, I thought for sure I was doing it wrong. A few of them I did do wrong, just because I misread 21-4 as 21+4, and a few other cocky mistakes. Don’t worry, I’ve completed the homework and corrected my mistakes.

I had my first English class though. We made our way in, getting settled, and I hardly noticed the guy that walked in and said:

“Wud-up. I’m Nathan.”

Well! He’s awfully full of himself, I thought about my classmate as I hauled my books out of my bag. I finally got the change to eye him, and thought he was pretty cheeky standing at the podium. He was somehow trying to be funny. He must have been a Running Start student. I remembered those kids in high school.

Then I noticed the pass, and realized – with complete disbelief – that he was our professor. Wow.

He called us “dude”, and was everything your stereo-typical surfer would sound like if you put him in a teaching position. It made a bit more sense when he said he was from L.A.
I think it was more of an attempt to win the class over – as he got into his lesson, his surfer-isms smoothed out, and I could see where the passion in what he was teaching was coming out. I could see that he was trying to slow himself down, not get too ahead of the game.
Little clues gave me faith that we’d more than likely see eye to eye, that we had experienced similar interests of independent study. The first class was all about what is real and what is not. What make an object itself.
We were asked to pick an object in the room, and write about why we thought it was the most important non-human object in the room. I chose the window. I’ve always got to have an escape route.
I think this class will be fun. After all, we’ve already listened to dubstep and were asked to answer whether or not it lived up to its song title of “Crowd Control” (I felt like it was ironic, that if I were to make a video about it, it would be about escaping and running, and the inability of control).

My annoyance set in toward the end of class, when told us what book we should have, which was not the book that I had. It was not the book that I had ordered on Amazon, and had paid extra for it to get rush delivered.
Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one.
This is my second class that the book store messed up on. They didn’t list the three books I needed for Journalism, and they listed the wrong book for this class. I spoke to a friend of mine after class who said that one of her classes hadn’t been listed at all, and that it turned out she needed more books as well.
Not impressed, Whatcom Student Book Store, not impressed at all!

I did, however, finally hear back from the editor of the school news paper, the Horizon. He said I could stop by and talk to him at 3 tomorrow, if I wanted to find out more, and seemed to know that I was already in Journalism 210. I said I would, though I’m not sure what good it will do me. After yesterday’s introduction to the class, I am a bit intimidated as to how it all gets done, but I can always see what other areas I can get into.
The more extra curricular activities I have, the better it will look to get into another University, and the more experience in the writing field I have, the more likely I am to find myself a job after my schooling is complete.


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