Applications, Applications, Applications

In an effort to keep the ball rolling and jump on any opportunity I can, I’m going to talk with the editor of the WCC news paper, the Horizon. At this point, I’m not sure how much I have to offer, but even if it’s what I would call bitch work, then so be it. It’s a food in the door and it counts towards experience. 

While visiting my sisters in San Francisco, I talked to one of them that had started back into college when she was about my age, and gone on to get her Master’s in Communications. I have to say, she is one of my inspirations, and knowing that she did it has given me the courage to make a go of it myself.

However, since being out of school, aside from a job here or there (one was helping write and edit the Fromer’s book for San Francisco, which is pretty cool), she hasn’t been able to find too much work in her field. This surprised me, being where she is, with her education level, I thought she would have tons of opportunity. 

I asked her about it, and she said that everywhere told her she was Over Educated, Under Qualified. I had no idea what this meant, and thought it was a load of crap. 

It was my other sister that explained it to me, when I was relaying my concern that I wouldn’t be able to get any work after going through so much schooling and wracking up so much debt. She said it was because our sister hadn’t interned anywhere while she was in school or when she got out of school. As a result, she didn’t have any experience, for the most part. She said she thought I should be fine since my goal is writing and I’m blogging and have a couple books out (self published, don’t want to talk about them, they’re dead to me). 

As thrilled that I was in my sister’s faith in me, I still want to cover my tracks. So, today I go to talk to the editor of the school news paper, and see where I can get my foot in the door.

Otherwise, I have also been applying to other writing jobs, locally or online. Get that resume going as soon as possible. After all, it will look good on a college application to have writing job experience both in and out of school as well. 

And finally, I have been filling out my application for a scholarship to help get me to Florence to study abroad. I need to hop on it, especially if I am to go next spring. I know it’s only spring quarter now, but time flies, especially when you’re as busy as I’m about to get. 

Wish me luck!


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