Surfing Reality in English 101

If you were to picture a disney’s cliche surfer guy, stick him in a button up shirt and trim up his hair, you’d get my English 101 professor. At least, you’g get him on our first day, Tuesday. Today he was a little more toned down, a little less caffeinated perhaps. He shared a bit more about himself, and I was able to figure out where he was coming from.

I really appreciate his style of teaching, and I extra appreciate the messages he’s trying to convey. It’s unique, though provoking and for me…redundant. It’s amazing for everyone else in the class, but I’ve already been there, learned all of this – and I’m not talking about your standard English class perspectives and ways of thinking, either.

Every one is eating it up – and they should – it’s good stuff, great stuff, even. Philosophy, Quantum Physics, all rolled into writing essays without words.

Yes – writing essays without words.

The main themes for the past two classes have been Reality – what is it? – and perspective – understanding the differences of the same thing depending on the angle from which you approach it.


Everything so far has been about how we relate to reality, and how reality relates to us.

I am so, so SO gutted that ‘m in this guy’s class now, and not five years ago. I would have been lapping it up then. I was preaching all of this to my coworkers when I was a waitress inWales, wanting to write on the chalk boards to customers that they should slow their roll, calm their tits because they are the only ones creating their red-faced reality (people were not nice to their servers in the village I lived in). I even went so far as to suggest that to my boss, that we put “You create your own reality” on the back of the uniform.

But I am glad that I’m not the only one that thought it of importance, and I am extremely glad that the class I’m in is loving it. Many look as though they’re fresh out of high school, if they’re not actually Running Start students. It’s a good time for them to learn all of this, to embrace the concepts.

There’s times when I think that the prof is being a bit over the top, trying to be the cool guy, but there are elements about him that I respect, such as his honesty about his past, saying he was going to raves all the time. Not many people in authority are willing to admit to what some might judge as a dodgy past, or irresponsible past. I think it’s great that a) that’s his past and b) he’s honest and real about it. It shows that just because you may or may not have done some questionable recreational activities regularly doesn’t mean you’ve thrown away a future.

He wants us to explore different methods of getting our thoughts, messages and ideas across other than the written word. This, once again, is great, for everyone else except me. I’m here for the writing aspect.

Look at me, though, going on about how I am separate from the herd. Maybe I am, but then again, I do create my own reality, don’t I?

I set out to gain a rounded education to help me with a writing career. I mentally prepared myself for certain things, and now those expectations aren’t being me the way I had told myself they would be, and so  I feel – what? Let down?

This will be a colorful and delightful experience, and most likely good for me. He’s also done a good sales pitch to get us to request taking is 102 class, where they contemplate String Theory, the fact that we’ve been hypothesized to be holograms, and how that alters our perception and reality.

This will be good, I just am letting my Ego get in the way.


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