The Rules of Summer

All work and no play – so last night we decided to play a little.
My boyfriend really wanted to see the new Captain America movie, so we went to check it out. I never knew how into comic books and super heroes he was until the last month and a half when we’ve been going through and rewatching all the X-Men, Spider-Man, Avengers, Hulk – you get the picture. I enjoy a lot of them, but Captain America is a little too ….swell.
However, with the movies costing as much as they do, we decided to make sure we got out money’s worth, and moseyed across the hall to the Noah cinema, which conveniently was starting 15 minutes after Captain America ended.
I’m still not sure what I thought of Noah – I liked the way the first half was done, but the second half was a little too much drama and soap-opera for me – and not in the tolerable-and-in-some-cases-enjoyable non-American or Hispanic way (the rest of the world has some pretty good soaps!).
Though I couldn’t fully concentrate on it. While in the first movie I received word that someone we know and have hung out with and worked with for years was on his way to the hospital in Seattle after diving off what is fondly called the Cliffs at one of Bellingham’s most beautiful parks, into the falls. It’s not uncommon to do, everyone does it every year. However, you need to be able to jump just right to avoid the vortex whirlpool and the rocks.
As I scoured the internet trying to find more information (I’ve severed ties with his crew long ago), I found the local Herald article which described him being found face down in the water and unresponsive, how they had to give him CPR for 40 minutes and so on.
I’m not fond of the guy for many business reasons, but I don’t dislike him or wish ill of him. If anything, I roll my eyes a lot at him. He’s the 40-something year old hippie that still thinks he’s 20 and drinks like he’s 15. Some say he’s burnt out and I wouldn’t disagree. But in his own weirdly illogical brain, he means well and he does what he can to do right by others.
Many of the rumors floating around were false, he never made it to Seattle, he was taken to Bellingham’ hospital and is now awake. He didn’t sever his spinal column (at least not that I’ve heard).
But with this scare, I feel compelled to remind folks of some summer reminders to stay not dead:
1. Eat vitamin B complex. It’ll help keep the blood suckers at bey.
2. Remember to stay hydrated – never say no to H2O
3. Don’t drown. It’s bad for your health, no matter how tempting the water.
4. Don’t kill bees. I know they want to share in your beverages but we need them for existence. And there’s a genre of bee that involves the word “bumble”. That’s a cute word.
5. A bare foot is a happy foot.
6. Gravity is fun to play with, but plays rough. It has a bet with the other Laws of Physics of how many bones it can claim in a season.

Summer is fun, fun is needed to be had, no matter what goal you have (unless your goal is to not have fun, but that’s a dumb goal), and it’s important to allow yourself time to relax and enjoy. Just do it responsibly.


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